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any tips on eating chicken wings
for some reason i always feel like im somehow doing it wrong and my hair gets in my mouth a lot
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Btw I read an article on girly hair care, it recommends
>trim every 2 months to get rid of split ends that provoke more hair damage
>eat more iron, b vitamins, vitamin e and proteins for nicer stronger hair but especially iron
>avoid all stress, hair will fall out 6-12 weeks after a stressful event so don't experience stress lole
>also avoid all regular shampoos with sodium laureth sulfate, it builds up in your scalp and discourages growth
>also don't dry your hair with a towel ever, air dry only
>also don't brush it, brush it as little as possible 
Also they claim your pillow is tearing your hair and you should buy a silk pillowcase but that's probably just the advertisers talking lole
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I think madokanon wants to be a girl
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this probably could work for someone else but im too paranoid about getting food crumbs and whatever on my bed so i cant eat like that. id be worrying the entire meal about little things like staining so it wouldnt be enjoyable, even if nothing happens id feel like it will so ya 
and idk itd just feel weird to eat while having my head face upwards, on paper its whatever but after pulling my head down whenever i take a bite my whole life itd get weird to not have to do it, the feeling i get from things like this is like getting into a pool for the first time. i could likely get used to it after enough time but too much food would be spoilt in the process, so id rather not
also i have salad and stuff with the chicken wings whenever i order some so itd just be too much effort to rise from the bed to to put the spoon in my mouth
you probably couldve just tied it into a ponytail or something
id imagine someone who enjoys things thrusting up their ass would be reluctant to let go of longer hair, so my condolences
>Never done anything like that
i wonder if it would accidentally thrust into your teeth and hurt a lot
i use baby shampoo actually
though i dont know if that constitutes as girly or manly
>Got that cut as soon as I had money
also a reason why i wont ever cut it unless im forced to
no way that shit is going to cost any less than 30 cones of ice cream
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>you probably couldve just tied it into a ponytail
It wasn't long enough to do like a proper tight braided ponytail and I both like loose, natural hair and wasn't of a mind to put that much effort in anyway
>id imagine someone who enjoys things thrusting up their ass would be reluctant to let go of longer hair, so my condolences
I'm more just smug about the good quality and when it was that long it was kinda scraggly cos just leaving it was getting away from optimal care conditions. I have such high volume shiny hair in short-mid with literally nothing but washing with water butt I think I'll have to find some sort of conditioner to keep that quality if I let it grow out proper again.
>i wonder if it would accidentally thrust into your teeth and hurt a lot
I mean typical for me is to use 'inserted' as the basepoint for the shallowest part of the loop, not only do cyclic insertions not feel as good (and I'll use something with like a medial ring for that kinda external sphincter stimulation anyway) and the dildos do a poor job and turn it into a buttjob (and since I wasn't using clicklock 'dos they'd bend off in the harness and ruin the alignment depending on the method of attachment) especially at higher speeds, but I kinda feel like re-insertion puts a lot of strain on your butthole and you get less ba
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Also getting punched in the mouth totally doesn't hurt that much at all so I kinda feel like any amount of teeth bashing would be basically fine
If I was literally gut punching myself I'd have already died lmao

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rabbit rabbit rabbit
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Your Fortune: Super Bad Luck
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does saying rabbit rabbit at the start of the month really give you luck
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Anything you believe gives you luck gives you luck
so yes

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im sick again pls help its not nice :((((
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every shade of nail polish between green and yellow is disgusting
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I'm no doctor but I'll share my tried and tested remedies. 

I imagine you're going through a common cold and if so for a sore throat I'd recommend drinking tea with lemons honey and ginger. Some brands of tea have such ingredients in them but i always like to buy said ingredients and double the dose.
Sleep with a scarf on and do not let yourself get cold, you need to sweat it out to help your immune system infact. 
Simple raw garlic has been used throughout history to cure colds and so I suggest eating a clove of garlic with a meal once everyday until it gets better, it will leave a disgusting aftertaste in your throat but you can help it dissipate quicker with mint candies or probably lemon juice if it bothers you. 
It's all natural so you know I'm not shilling some bigpharma garbo to ya. 

Do try keeping a varied diet to avoid getting sick again, but for now I'd increase your vitamin C, D and zinc levels. Stay strong little squishy :3
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was half expecting you're gonna snuck in eating cummies somewhere in there but it's all actually genuine advice
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My tried and true remedy that works every time, even when I had covid is 400mg ibuproufen and 60mg pseudoepinephrine HCL every 6 hours until the symptoms go away.

It's banned in many countries because it literally becomes meth if you apply heat, that's how you know it's good, but nothing else works for me when I have horrible sinus migranes from the flu, especially not those over the counter meth-free decognestant alternatives like phenylephrine, that shit gives you anxiety attacks.
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thank you frend i am feeling better now i dont have any lelmon or honey but i did drink some tea and ate some crystallized ginger it and it helped :)
OTC pharmaceuticals are scary but they sure work when i had covid i took ibuprofen and it helped a lot yuo have to be careful since they can mess you up real bad if you take them for too long my mom took advil for her migraine pains for years and now she cant sleep without drugs and painkillers dont work on her anymore pls be careful frend :(

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free my mans

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I went on /fa/ exactly once and was assaulted by no less than 5 threads telling me to become femboy, including how to best pick out bottom shoes (chuck taylors) and how to low dose finasteride for nicer skin and eliminating DHT (responsible for hair loss).

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maybe they consider themselves the third gender which has existed throughout history, the cute femboy (male) who gets used by older men but not in a disrespectful way, even the Greeks never did anal, they did thigh sex because they thought anal was too degrading.
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it can get a little annoying like they're overcompensating in an attempt to distance themselves from the notoriously crazy segment of internet transthings but at the same time i get it
ive met too many people who just didnt get that someone might want to be cute and pretty while also not caring at all about 'gender' or 'identity' or whatever and it gets really tiring
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>They all act exactly like this
Well yeah, it's how literally everyone with any trace of culture acts. Death of the author is a trillion years old and antiidentityfaggotry has been mainstream since '06, you're just a subhuman nigger living shitting in your own hand and throwing it from a mud hut.
Just because you're a newage fucking faggot bitchass nigger normalfag (a tranny) as opposed to a more traditional one doesn't make you any less of a subhuman.
>at the same time i get it
The later, sure (though cute is more just something to abstractly strive towards since it's a/the moral virtue), but you're wildly misunderstanding the deep utility of the internet and anonymous context if you think it's some bitchass contextual distancing from some group I have zero fucking awareness of. There is no reason to compromise at all in an anonymous argument. You may as well present your ideals as unvarnished and as strictly as possible; you're doing nobody a service with anything else. Why say that things that are bad, that you might let pass by weakness or laziness in another space, are anything but bad in a space like this where there's no consequence and no cost to doing so?
Gender essentialism was incoherent no
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you sound kind of pretentious and stupid tbh
ya don't say
Pretty telling that you can't contradict a single point so you just resort to universal adhoms wwww

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ok u ded
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>>9620 (OP) 

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Not sure if I need a nice oneesan to push me down and make me cum or if I just see her as a means to an end
I guess if you were cumming super hard all the time you'd still seek out ways to cum harder
it's cute when girls are friends

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>saves Madoka
>BTFOs Kyubey
>Beats Mami 1v1 despite being impaired
>Outsmarts Kyouko
>Makes Sayaka irrelevant again
>Dethrones Madokami
>Single-handedly carries the entire show on her back
>Will win again in the sequel
never watched madoka either
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Well what have you watched?
ok but everybody loves mami and madoka, homura has never said anything worthwhile in the entire series
it's pretty obvious she's a self insert for the writers, a plot device instead of a character so it really doesn't matter because you can't compare real characters people love and remember to bad storytelling strategies
I appreciate Homura's ambition. 
She knows what she wants (Madokussy) and she will stop at nothing until she gets it.

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to hell with thee

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I was just unbanned
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is barneyfag even a real person or is it just a bunch of shitposters
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Idk but clearly janny is one.
It was a real person at one point, it got kinda ridiculous when people started acting like him, he couldn't possibly be on every board at all hours of the day constantly ban evading, rarely did he ever actually reply to you, those times were the real original barneyfag in action.
the rumor is he was real and then at some point he was replaced by a bot. it's obvious that over the past few years it's been a bot, probably operated by just one person
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leebait is a whole genre of soy-edits

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