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has anyone here tried going to the 4chan IRC to get unbanned? did the mods listen to you?
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>>5257 (OP) 
They double your ban and then ban you from the IRC too.

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stop making gross fetish threads right now
only post cute/beautiful things
for example, Len's naked body
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why is he so girly
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it's like he's trying to attract men
Because he's 14 probably
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when I was 14 I already had hair everywhere
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yeah but at 14 you weren't a qt azn vocaloid mirror image copy of his sister

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What's the most versatile wardrobe upgrade and why is it that #1 bestselling amazon black skater skirt I see so many femboys wearing now?
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Boys putting more effort in their outfit than girls at this point

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why is everyone touching him
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is that the ferris cosplayer
>>5218 (OP) 
cute boys are a treasure and need to be protected

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Do you think that extremely rich people have private islands where they set up modern gladiator matches for their amusement? Why would they not?
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>>5206 (OP) 
I think it's far more likely that they set up illegal sex trafficking islands because the risk to reward ratio is far higher and rich people tend to be huge degenerates.
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Those, they obviously do. But why not both? Sex islands such as Epstein's weren't really kept under the rug, the guy literally had his plane named the Lolita Express, but I think that other things definitely may be. Not like it would be allowed for the public to know about it if they were setting up gladiator matches, I feel like the outrage on everybody seemingly involved would be too much to bother with, maybe it's a lesson learnt after the other debacle, who knows.
I think it makes for contrary to what you said, the risk would be higher and the reward as well. And, it's exactly what they'd go for if a risk is what they're seeking. But the thing is, there really isn't a real risk for most of them, maybe just the thrill of it without actually being there. Or just enjoying the lack of risk itself, since that's why they tend to be degenerates in the first place, rich people. With the Epstein happening, it was the most sloppy, obvious and batshit thing, but they still got away with it and made everybody forgot about it after. That makes them very smug about it. People really didn't care that the individuals running their country and controlling them were living out their puppet fetish fantasies on children, not after the novelty went by. I think they figure at this point that no matter what they do and no matter how much dirt gets out there, they'll still walk away from it. Because even if something that big 
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gay sex orgy island
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I don't wanna go to school.
alice cute

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its over
the joy of suicide

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Boys make the cutest girls.
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not an argument
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I mean, yeah you're right
boys are stupid and don't make logic decisions, they will wear high heels and bikinis to the beach, it's disgusting
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boys like that should be chastised with rapes
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>>5219 (OP) 
they definitely have the cutest prostates

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inadequate amount of semen
Yeah I hate dry heaving my balls too.
what's the adequate amount of semen to be coated in
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Magick knows it by intuition.
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about this much...

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>>5189 (OP) 
it'll be ok yuji, you have us

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i want it all to end
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Pls end me
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quit your job and get on disability, you are literally disabled
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I want to morph into a dragon and set everything on fire
literally do this, getting on autismbux has made my life better & i'd never get this much trying to get and keep a job that pays 7 dollars an hour

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