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why is magick called a weird groomer does anyone know why thats strange i think magick is nice and good not a groomer
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with concerted effort and deft skill
can i have ur weak pathetic cum all over my cookies
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idk wishey  can you????
you have to get it out first
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ill get all ur pent up pathetic cum out! you'll be completely dry when im done and my cookies will taste significantly better~
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just cybersex already

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the femboy disease
the only good thing anout femboys or worse is the male under the costume
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The good thing about femboys is that they exist, the bad thing about them is that with enough attention they become as spoiled and picky as w*men, and they hit the wall sooner and way harder
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femboys manage to become more catty and bpd ridden than women given enough exposure to thirsty men, is it a neurological pathway all humans are predisposed to like the parenthood pathway literally melting your brain?
because this just keeps happening
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no it's simply the more attention you get, and it doesn't even have to be sexual attention, the shittier does a person become
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Elongated Muskrat

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dad where did you put my moroccan crpgs and ancient thracian texts?
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I hate him so fucking much guys
who are even these people
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i started and marketed several rpg maker projects beofe ri even started puberty and beat grimoire: heralds of the winged exmaplar on release without a manual, which nobody else except one schizphrenic european in my steam firends list did, and i even have the legenadry neanderthal developer cleve blakemore on my friendlist, im a scholra in french AND italian medeival literaute, i can draw better than the average normalf*g, and im gifted at music and so good at it that i dont even like to show it because its so embarrassing how naturally skilled i am at it, what else? hard to say, i can run pretty fast, i have the natural edurance and belliquosness of my norman ancestores, i can get a rogue to level cap in any mmorpg because of this (warrior rogue supplement), i have anciewnt thracian blood, and i could probably kill a mountain lion with my bare hands if i wanted to, im just kind of boring i guess

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i'm not jealous
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You will never have eggs cracked on your face
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it is kind of a waste of egg
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why did this have to be in this retarded phone format
oh so that's what they're for

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crossdressing anime boys are a miracle of the universe and need to be protected!
protected from what
Gamma rays
from their moms looking under their bed
from unsavory and predatory discord groomers like >>12797

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Today sluts4sale turned one!!!! And what's even weirder there's still some people posting on it!!!! 

Anyway,  please voice any concerns/impressions you may have in this thread  ITT.
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I wanna buy admin a shimakaze outfit!

uhh I mean jashin money pay
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everyone has so many jashinbucks on this board except me
ty for all your hard work
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please stop stealing all the cute namefags from s4s i want to groom them and i cant groom them easily here so pleaseu just tell them to go back thanks smiley face
the password is
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Admin-kun is so kind hearted and huggable (*´꒳`*)

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Error: You are banned.
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how the hell do you even get banned from here if they tolerate namefags bullshittery what dont they tolerate
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Replies: >>12808
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no fun allowed as always!
Replies: >>12809
i think there's an adequate amount of fun allowed
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shot point blank can't wake up
all i feel is fake love
off that torture, came up
hoe my mind been made up
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my zero

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the vanilla ice cream of human gacha
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you talk too much
it's like constant vomit
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ikr finally you know what is like reading your posts huh
i hate to admit it but magick *is* the life of the party
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did you really filter me
yea i agree
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of course not idiot, I am watching your every step

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