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>one chance at life
>not born a cute japanese girl

It still hurts
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3dpd aren't cute though
you will never go to cram school
i'm so glad i don't have gender dysphoria and only vaguely am interested in fucking or being a femboy
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>>18289 (OP) 
the girls on the side look so miserable like they're really not enjoying it
another sister lost to bigoted propaganda

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how do you feel about girls pretending to be boys pretending to be girls?
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the reason they do this is because they crave attention, women will do anything for attention including co-opting genders apparently, it's quite disgusting actually, i hope all women die
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>>18231 (OP) 
Friendly reminder;
Always check for a cock under the skirt
Don't let the attention seeking roasties infiltrate and pollute our ranks
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also if you check for penis and you find one you are obligated to kiss it and tuck it back into bed
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i want to be a hrt tomboy and leave people guessing if i'm m ftm or mtftm

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how do u keep the brainworks away?
I can't even watch cute girl anime anymore without feeling bad that that can never be me cus I have a y chromosome :(
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this guy is cringe but his boyfriend sucks shit too, how you gonna dump someone that's dressing cuter than they used to? he must be omega giga gay to the point that even girly clothes turns him off lol
I kinda kept mine away by reading only manga short series with crossdressing boys and genderbend doujins, I don't really have patience for any other genres, if they turn out to be good, they'll get a boring shot for shot anime adaptation, one shots and crossdressing stories almost never get good adaptations, just look at Himegoto, a crappy short series that skips 2 whole characters and 5 out of 6 volumes of chapters so they can butcher the artists self-insert fantasies in less than 29 minutes of runtime.
*crappy short anime series
oh yeah I meant that I'd rather watch an anime adaptation of a good manga premise because the adaptation will a shot for shot faithful remake and that's boring if you just finished the manga.
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>implying the jashin-chan anime is good or shot-for-shot
>implying any other adaptation is good or shot-for-shot
I can only think for two good manga->anime adaptations in human existence and one is 90% it's own thing (L☆S) and the other is pretty limited in scope. They're also both 4komas.

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I kinda feel grossed out when I see anime girls that don't have cute bulges or balles tbh, it's like wtf the artist drew her wrong!!
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so what you're saying is you can't put on a pair of panties without getting aroused
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I mean
I mean
I just got a boner describing it
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good boy

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Can we have a jirai-kei and meido thread?
I'm utterly infatuated with the visual styles and societal undertones of both styles of dress and wish I could pull off either one, so I'm gonna post both whenever I feel like it!
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it's up
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thanks mahoadmin!

new f*tish unlocked!
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totally not the admin
This anime girl is on the blob.

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Honest to god I would have had an extra extended trap phase when I was a teen if I was born a zoomer and had all the same sensibilities, too bad i couldn't buy girls clothes on Amazon in secret with CASH and even have it shipped to a locker when I was a kid.
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would it make more sense to hate it and know nothing about it?
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Where did you find this picture of me?
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i collect pictures of guinea pigs have existential crises
you are a cute guinea pig c:
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all you need to do is search the word "femboys" on google to get bombarded with femboy memes and cute crossdressing pics of makeup wearing boys posting their face and making their whole outward personality built around being a girl, they certainly won't regret in a few months, I'm sure.
I keep thinking about how that could have been me if I was a zoomer growing up being this exposed to anime and ease of access to girls clothes, maybe in th next life.

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thigh gaps on boys aren't real!!
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nigger how fat are you?
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how wide are ur hips tho??
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i hate it when femboys have bigger dick than me lol
Only a little wider than average cos i'm a manlet

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You ever just look in the mirror and imagine what it'd be like if you naired off your body hair?
Or maybe what you'd look like with no hair and just a menhera hoodie?
Cus I woke up horby this morning and I couldn't help but fap to my own reflection, maybe it's cus im pudgy but I look pretty soft, like I could be cute if I tried to to dress up, I won't lie I drove myself into a feedback loop looking at my face cming when I was cming and it made it so much more intense I gotta shower now :(
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>>18194 (OP) 
>You ever just look in the mirror and imagine what it'd be like if you naired off your body hair?
something like this
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ive been turned on by my own dick before but that's about it lol

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the next revolution of chans is here
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>>18227 (OP) 
are there mentlely lel femboys on there for me to plap??
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>>18230 thats what maki is but enjoy getting blueballed forever by him

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