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is your dick small or big
how do you feel about it
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its unmutilated
>>7785 (OP) 
>is your dick small or big
how do you feel about it
It's average. I wish it was bigger
5 inches, I'm not thrilled about it but I make do, i usually fap with just the frenulum these days because I play with my butt more now.
my cute wife Rin
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>>7785 (OP) 
a little over 6.5 inches if im extremely aroused and havent c00med in a while

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yes who is it
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hello I'd like to report a gas leak
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sorry BRAAAAP i ate some BRAP beans last niBRREEAAAPPP

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y tho
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too scared to hurt myself but i want it so i need somebody to do it for me
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why do you want to hurt yourself
>>7713 (OP) 
shiruka bakaudon<3
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>it's a female artist

why are girls into this kind of stuff

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Gonna post my bi-monthly "i wish I was literally a girl" thread where I sulk and deal with being born male in unhealthy ways, thanks for reading my blog (male).
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>>7759 (OP) 
I wanna be a girl too... I have a feminine body ang girls clothes, but its still not enough. The world needs a sex change option fast, like in vidya.

Small price for salvation
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Imagine going on a date as a girl, even crossdressing boys will never get that...
Does "Vidya" mean "video games"?I am seeing people using it on /s4s/ a lot but never knew what it means,would you be so nice to explain to me
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it does 
it's just a funny pronunciation of  "video"
girls have periods because they have a fertile womb that sheds every month, they can give birth and you cant

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i will be evil
Hi evil, I'm dad.
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Oh god 
Boomer alert
uwu daddy

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holy hell bunny made his own site!!!
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site's fucken broken
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it's bunny what did you expect
weird that bunny managed to make his website in less than a day with his own server instead of planning it for months and having to borrow a server from oracle... really makes you think
umm bunny is just borrowing his server from google instead
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15 bucks are hard to come by these days

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Why haven't you done drugs yet?
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have sex, incel

(preferably with me)
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You're gonna get off to my multiple hours long video of me using you as my limp fuckdoll onahole, fugging you in every position, putting you on top so I can play with your niplels, dressing you up in cute outfits and taping your  eyes open so your unseeing eyes can lock with mine, I'll be sure to give you a bath later uwu
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I literally fell in love with you, please do this to me <3 :333
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lmao this guy wants to get date raped

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is girl und panzer good?
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yes, very 

even if you don't care about ww2 era tanks the girls are very cute
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get a job loser
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i'm too retarded for one and they aren't fun anyway

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I tried watching bocchi and it triggered my gender dysphoria again so I had to stop
i've never experienced gender dysphoria but i kind of want to look like a cute femboy after being mindflooded by this and a few other boards. i don't have autofemboyphilia or anything or even femboyism dysphoria it's more like wanting to dye one's hair a certain color but the color is femboy and the hair is form
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if that's enough to give you gender dysphoria how are you going to react to the official s4s anime that airs next year
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god I wish that were me

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Magick has agreed to marry me and be my cute husband.
If you are reading this post you are now invited to our wedding in the Bahamas + you get to watch us consummate the marriage.
happy marriage to you, i wish you a lot of happiness
admin thread
I don't remember agreeing to anything
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You don't have to remember. I will remember for you, my love.
I like you Magick, you're my modestly sized cannoli.

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