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Friendly reminder that anime is a gateway drug to crossdressing and gay sex!
why do boys do this?
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Anime is a slippery slope lole
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i don't know if i can take it much longer
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Why contain it?
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i tamed the beast this time, next time u may not be so lucky

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I tried to fug myself with a tiny cucumber and lube last night and it wouldn't go in, that was pretty disappointing.

I guess it wasn't for nothing because my now my bepis is sore and so are all the muscles in my pelvis lole
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>>3887 (OP) 
Thank me later OP.
That’s okay as long as you eat the food after all
larger isnt better
I can't believe I looked this up, the anal equivalent is called anismus, though the body of medical science tying it to gay sex is effectively zero, most proctologists believe anismus is overdisgnosed because the only way to "prove" is to shove fingers up the patients butt and they'll naturally clench up when you do this, it's impossible to tell the difference between real anismus and the patient being physically uncomfortable having fingers shoved up their butt in a clinical setting.

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I like it when anime turns 4chan b*is gay and retarded
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is poland white?
i swear literally every other femboy on 4chan is british or polish
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All the femboys from the uk are born from polish immigrants. When God created Poland, he bestowed " the curse of the eternal plumber " upon them, thus forcing the polish people to fix pipes for eternity, even if they're made from metal or meat.

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how is this distorted stuff "classical music"
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Mozart was the pioneer of bass boosting

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do a front split
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is that the first fable?
remasters always look so soulless
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yes, i wished a fishe many times
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i liked spamming that aoe spell that would stunlock everyone
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i like the time slow ability, made me feel like the flash

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I wanna get tied up and made to or*am from my p**ate so bad!
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it's interesting that   p-spot tingles are enough to make  boys gay
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This could be us, but you don't wanna do a*al prep

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if only you knew how bad things really are

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I was thinking how society defines men by what they are not, women, and that's really it.
A man is not a real man if they resemble a woman in character, appearance or personality.
You can emasculate a man but you can't effeminize a woman any further.

Even down to the genetic level, men are still women with a deformed second X chromosome.
men and women are basically the same thing honestly
anti intellectual hornyposter
i sentence you to five years of bottoming in horny jail for your crimes
I have never seen a woman's genitals. I refuse to believe that they don't have penises.

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no lewdness allowed
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magick the child trafficker

are these bots for real
Girls of Desire: All babes in one place, crazy, art

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