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Why do people get so confused when I tell them I don't have a "moment of clarity", a post nut clarity or a post orgasm disgust after c**ming?
After orgasm,  i only experience an afterglow along with increased tenderness and tingling in my beoois and the surrounding PC muscles which feels really nice if i don't keep jerking, i don't have to force myself to keep going if im doing multiple rounds since I'm truly enjoying what I jerk off too, i have no issues staying horny till my refractory period ends and then ppl will ask if I'm on hormones or something, what the fuck?
Do men really not experience c**ms as much as I do?
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i generally don't experience this, but there are a few moments where i have, i think. like where i'm attracted to someone and want to talk to them/do stuff with them and then i masturbate and i realize the attraction was mostly just transiently sexual and i kind of lose interest in them. it definitely doesn't happen with all or even most of the people i've been attracted to but it's a thing that can happen

otherwise, i don't ever feel shame or negative feelings after masturbating. maybe sometimes a light feeling of "well that wasn't super productive / that was a bit of a waste of time" after an 8-hour goon session, but i almost certainly would've spent those 8 hours just looking at random shit on 4chan or whatever anyway

that said, i definitely have a clearly defined refractory period and i believe most guys do. i lose all horniness and interest in erotic material for at least an hour after i cum. maybe sometimes 30 minutes if i've taken a ton of amphetamine or something
Forgot I made this thread lole

You can train yourself to get more intense orgasms, mine got way more intense after I followed the instructions in >>547 and >>4753, the working your kegels muscles and playing with your nipples every time you fap does something to your brain and makes orgasms more intense in general, the spasming thing is real.

I only really do bepis and nipples, the prostate is too much work and i haven't really gotten the prostate only orgasm yet though just playing with your butt and beoois while in the shower is definitely an upgrade to just bepis alone, and this way I don't have to clean up.

That being said, I posted >>8954, playing with the frenulum is way more intense than normal jerking.
Also I was going at it probably 18 times a week when I posted this and my t*stickers got really sensitive and would hurt anytime I hit them or accidentally made contact with them doing normal things, maybe I was overdoing it lole I'm down to 3 or 4 now and feel much better.
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Meant >>8154
have you ever teased yourself to lactation
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no, I've never leaked anything from my niplels, i think that only happens if you're on hormones.

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wasting away....
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i want pets please pet me
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i will post my home address and credit card info in this thread if i say one more lewd thing about feet
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elf piss
>>8888 (OP) 
four same numbers!!!!

Your Fortune: (Rock) Hard Times Ahead
so far so good
if i did say some things about feet they werent actually lewd or rapey so they dont count

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Dr. Pavel, I'm SOS.
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Ohhhhhhh look at you. Such a handsome young man *pinches your cheek and slips a werthers original in your mouth*
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an old lady literally gave me candy once after i gave up my seat to her on the bus
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Good boy. Also check this out.
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getting dubs on a board that gets like 10 posts a day isn't impressive
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Double dubs are impressive, especially when I get them.

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They don't make cute girls shoes in my shoe size (male). :(
trust me you dont need them
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Yes you don't need them, you have to rope bamboo leaves to your feet from now on
trust me, every boy need girls shoes

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thank you for exhibiting your shoe soles
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>>8719 (OP) 
You have such a pretty face 
The thought of exchanging my saliva with yours mouth-to-mouth gives me a raging hard-on
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You do know OP isn't Arielle Maxine, right?
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wtf... I've been lied to...

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im going to die
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they make me feel even lonelier
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Sometimes it is important to take a break, my mental health always deteriorates when I am on imagesboards
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The funny thing is that I have better mental health when I'm on these sites, at least I talk to other people.
But if you feel like taking a break, just do it! Always do what's best for you!
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I misseded you abagadoposting-san.
>>8814 (OP) 
do you have any dutch friends you could introduce me to

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Greetings you wonderful homosexuals of sluts4sale.

Seanonymous would humbly request /b/lackup for a raid on a children's game called Rec Room.

It's a VR game (like VRchat, VR is not required to play though) that looks like a discount Roblox.

Sean has been trying to put stingrays with AIDs, COVID, Cancer, and Ebola into the drinking fountain, and we're closing shit down.

If you are interested, please join us: #insurgency

With combined numbers, we can shut as much shit down.

We have done a raid already, which can be viewed here:
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i want to have sex with everyone on this board

Your Fortune: You Do Not Wanna Know
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Me too
Ok the file is no longer on YT due to a guideline strike, check here:
is it 2008 again
Replies: >>8862
it's always been 2008, you've been in a coma for 15 years
wake up

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