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I got, I got, I got, I got, I got a 100 secret saxtons we need to kick the cheater master yambo we need to kick the cheater I'm trying to save tf- guys I'm trying to save tf2! We need to kick master yambo we need to kick master yambo hes cheating master yambo is cheating guys we need to kick him I need to save tf2 I need to save it i need i need to save tf2 f1 f1 i need to I got a hundred secret saxtons i got a hundred secret saxtons
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>>19645 (OP) 

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brain prison 10000 years compressed

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confessional box with catgirl stickers

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my bad drawering 

I haven’t done much art stuff in my lief so I started attending an art class once a week. I’ve only gone there two times (two weeks) so I’m not very good yet… I haven’t even gone over the technical stuff
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are you the one that has an autistic meltdown any time i use they/them to refer to someone by default
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no i am the second
>it’s much easier to copy from a reference
Drawing is just copying from aggregate past references anyway
post a comparison to a reference pic
you should try drawing long uninterrupted lines. the line is one of your most important tools as an artist, so make sure to know how to manipulate it the way you want to. once you start drawing good lines, you can even move onto brush work if you want, where you're free to experiment with line width, flaring your lines as you please. of course, a good line itself isn't enough, you gotta know your shapes and proportions, so it's kinda just a step towards a polished product, but it's probably a good baseline to be able to do more from.

just fucking try you damn whiny crybaby. literally nobody can do this for you, so suck it up, take it easy, and have some fun drawing instead of misappropriating this practice as an excuse to be miserable and loathe yourself. i already hear enough of it, i'm tired.

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 Аренда инструмента дает вам возможность опробовать разные модели и марки инструментов. Вы можете оценить их производительность и функциональность перед тем, как принять решение о покупке собственного инструмента. 
взять в аренду электроинструмент <a href=></a>.

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new exclusive spam chat


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<>< <>< <>< <><
><> ><> ><> ><>
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><> ><>
??><> ><>   ><> <><
<><     ><> <>< <>< <>< <><
><> ><> ><> ><>??
FUCK wait wait wait i can fix this
><> ><>   ><> <><
<><     ><> <>< <>< <>< <><
><> ><> ><> ><>
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nice please
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sorry for my rude

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Is it true if you install linux you'll become a grill?
They don't even have games!!
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>>19634 (OP) 
no, you grow a beard
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loonix hav gaem look im play finaru fantajii on my mint laptope c:
yuo dont become grill tho (which is gud (grills have cooties))

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too restless to rope

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Magick's labia minora
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the only people with cervixes and wombs who use this board inject testosterone
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>>11264 (OP) 
Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?
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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?
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*rapes u*

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