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Did you pick boy or girl when you started genshit impact?
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what about fake tail buttplugs and cock ribbons
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it made more sense to pick boy
Replies: >>5202
those are not for boys!
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How is a girl supposed to wear a cock ribbon?
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Petition to have Magick hung, drawn and quartered on livestream
i was thinking more like a blowjob or something..
Not punishment enough. Petition to have Magick waterboarded.
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im the reject, thats fine
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welcome home

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Did victorian maids have sex with their masters in antiquity or is this just a lewd construct just like the miniskirt maid outfit, invented to make you horny and fap ur pebjs?
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probably not since antiquity predates victorian maids by some 1600 years  

but to actually answer your question, having an unmarried, low status young woman living in your household that's entirely dependent on you for her livelihood and with the cultural status women in general occupied at that time, makes for quite a severe power imbalance, and some unscrupulous individuals probably did coerce female servants they took a fancy to into having sex with them 
also it's funny how i get pics from a literal hentai when googling victorian maid
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Going off the fact that rich people are really weird and tend to be very horny, yes.

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Force-feminized castrated femboy and live-in onahole (male) gets c**med inside of her mouth by her bf and asked to hold the cmmies in her mouth on the train ride to the mall but not before getting chikan'ed and then blowing her train groper because she's a little slut, if she thinks her bf won't find out, she's got another thing coming
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i'm not sure but we have this app called "youdao dictionary" and it works pretty well  with English.Don't know if you can find it in Appstore though.
>>4893 (OP) 
There's very few doujins about live-in pet onaholes, this is so hote
>>4893 (OP) 
Wow, he found out but doesn't care? What a cuck.
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didn't he make her throw it up?
their relationship is one of pet and owner, she's just a bad dog.

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she's such a fat pig
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her anus is peeking out...
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>>3607 (OP) 
dunno anything about her personality but yumemi riamu has gotta be one of the hottest anime girls of all time
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all anime girls are the same
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gotta dew what u gotta dew

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I wish I had a wife that was a cute, well adjusted, normal, young lady.
I adjusted her but hole lol

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It is possible for some men to achieve orgasm solely through stimulation of the prostate gland, such as via prostate massage or anal intercourse. This has led to the area of the rectal wall adjacent to the prostate to be popularly (yet inaccurately) referred to as the "male G-spot".
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>>4172 (OP) 
I've been working towards this.
My anuse used to be so tight that i couldn't even stick a finger in, now its far more pliable in the shower even without lube, it feels nice just playing with it even if I don't use a toy.
Still haven't gotten a p-orgasm though, that comes later.
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why don't you just get your boyfriend to fug it for you
Replies: >>5177
i'm afraid of catching the gay :(
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Doesn't have to be gay.

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What le h*ck is her problem?
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I still get banned on sight
well it's deleted now alongside like two pages worth of threads
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If The Faggots Didn't Want Hitler To Solve Them They Shouldn't Have Been Destroying Civilization

Your Fortune: You Do Not Wanna Know
Neppy's first kiss was his dad
Sorry for mentioning munch, she must have seen this thread and deleted all those threads to prove she is not the mod.

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What power does Magick have over us? Can he see IP addresses? Can he see us through our webcam?
well he's obviously the site owner so he can see everything from your ip address to what browser you're using and how many times you're accessing the site
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I also use your CPU to mine crypto
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not even trying to deny it huh...

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If i was a dumb zoomer and born like 10 years later than I was, I'd probably fall for all the anime crossdressing femboy memes and try to become a femboy myself and would most likely get groomed into going trans on discord by some tranny and the thought of that kinda fills me with erotic thrills.
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>>5152 (OP) 
>If i was a dumb zoomer and born like 10 years later than I was, I'd probably fall for all the anime crossdressing femboy memes and try to become a femboy myself and would most likely get groomed into going trans on discord by some tranny and the thought of that kinda fills me with erotic thrills.
this happened to me. no regrets

>why do boys suddenly want to be girls
literally just nothing better to do
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post thighs
Replies: >>5164
tempting. I once saw my own thighs in the mirror a few years ago and was like "wtf I'm getting turned on looking at my own thighs"
Replies: >>5166 >>5169
are they shaved? if they aren't soft and smooth I don't want to see them
there's nothing wrong with loving yourself, i used to shave my whole body and fap to my own reflection, wish I recorded it, I would probably fap to the videos too.

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