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its really funny when i wear qos tattoos and black ppl look at me holding hands with my white darlingLoll
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die nigglerlover die
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racists are some of the most deranged people on the planet and no one is more racist than far-right big black cock fetishists
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>>16702 (OP) 
Is that character from Dohna Dohna 

I haven’t played it myself but I want to someday because it has a Minecraft sex scene and I thought it was funny
You’d have to be deranged to be anti-racist. You’re running on nothing in your brain but programming.

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how to reprogram your (anxious) mind?
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penis drugs
>unfortunately i have to admit that i watch youtube shorts from time to time this shit takes up so much time its unbelievable
are you a zoomzoom or something like that. i don't know how anyone gets into this stuff. i'm a "put a 3.5 hour long video on the tv via chromecast" type of rabbit
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I never feel more spiritually empty and alienated then when I'm watching youtube shorts
The way they loop just makes me feel like I'm trapped and cornered or something
scientology bro

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hello fellow discorders, good news! discord now censors your profile username when you stream!
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four letter word starting with c
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my discorder heyday is so over, it's such a dead wasteland on my DMs now

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the most based email service is here
le epic viruse has arrive
cute traps aren't gay
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people have such dumb risk profiles and threat models. despite all the propaganda about capitalism and Big Tech, I trust gmail/google to not read my emails. I do not at all trust some random 4channer to not read my emails. not even a little
wow i cant wait to get datamined by a bunch of gay glownigger g*rls

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What they don't tell you about using your meido's boimilk to flavor your hot beverages is that special enzymes in prostatic fluid immediately coagulates the ejaculate and it turns stringy and impossible to stir unless it's been sitting for a few minutes undisturbed, without being mixed with a liquid, at which point more enzymes activate and make the boimilk runny and easy to mix again.
The liquid causes the enzymes to get dissolved away and the stringiness never goes away!
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hot steamy boimilk
hot steamy sludgy boimilk
based milk
its a known lapse of judgement
boimilk must always be drunk within seconds for this reason

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How does sluts4sale like pubic hair?
woke up this morning wanting to shave it off but i wanted to hear if u sluts had a preference for shaving it short or cutting it a certain way to be more cute
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>>16638 (OP) 
Clean shave everywhere is the cutest
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looking like a ken doll isn’t cute on most people
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Does that also include not having anything down there or just being clean shaven is gross?
theres a reason why anime characters or just animated characters in general dont have an inch of hair on them besides whats on their heads
but it really comes down to personal preference in the end ig
on girls: keep it

on boys: shave it

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fill in the blanke

sluts 4 __
say y'all
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funi shiptoast books :)
very comfy
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reminder 'water' is wet
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tell me more
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its tasty and good for j*w g*rls
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gas the k*kes, friend!
I'm gay
I love men
Men are great :)

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bleh im bad at it

enjoy the fire

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tranime lost
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chokeslut get
sure guro mostly falls under ryona but i think squishy meant something else
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ryona is usually abusive sex and not murder
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*or dismemberment
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mostly guro isnt always murder or dismemberment or even sexual unless youre into guro

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