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drunk ama
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i spend my day inside my room...
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Surely you had some contact with them or are you boxed in 24/7
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i explain to you tomorow
i am way too drunk rn
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Schippen schnappen 
Guten schlafen as they say
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I can't tell you much about other people. I've been sitting in my room for 6 years and only go out when I go shopping to buy beer and groceries. Characteristics that I would attribute to my fellow Germans are punctuality and order. We have a law for almost everything and everything is regulated in some way, which is sometimes good but can also be very annoying.
the weather is bad most of the time and there's only shit on TV

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let it all burn down! 
burn it to the ground!

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schlop schlop

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oniiiiii saaaan where r we going
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>>24201 (OP) 
To the gay zone
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feeds u ur own dick in an omlette

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the sun creeps 
in window blinds
the rays peep
good morning, sunshine
i hope you had a good sleep

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come visit the coal mines of rural appalachia, where the pennies we're paid in shine brighter than our future!
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isn't it fun, squishy,
watching the physical manifestation of the selfish human desire to transcend one's own mortality by rejecting everything natural, decay?

will you still be there when everything's gone? 
maybe some day, nature will eventually reject us.
what comes around, goes around.
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if anything, at least we'll have forests of rebar, and oceans of concrete left to explore, and most importantly, eachother.
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fight my champion
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I know it is goyslop but it tastes good and is cheap
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okay, sorry avogadoposter. just wanna make sure you know what you're getting into because most don't understand and just see the trendy foodstuff first.
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thank you for your concern c:
i will take my own life in 647 days anyway
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well, be safe. hopefully you break free from the programming, and make the most out of every day.
 the world is your oyster.
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there is no thing in this world that could make me happy anymore 
at least i will not die a wizard

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Me waking up after 8 hours of sleep and responding to someone's post in my thread is not "necrobumping" you fucking monogoloid negroid cretin.
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every toast deserves an egg
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that seems really bad for you from a nutritional perspective to be honest
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What the fuck are you talking about
There's basically nothing wrong ever with eating eggs.
Toast is just passively bad for you in a mild way, like cake.
It's entirely reasonable to eat some real food with every slice of empty carbs
Want sun balls
>>24107 (OP) 
stop caring m8

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stop posting loser
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thats fucked up

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I have a cat, she's a girl and she lives practically all day outside.
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fuck up retard
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: )
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