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We advance 
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wow! 50,000 messages for free!?
this just the kind of advertisement boost this site needed, lucky~
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be nice to the bot
installed this viruse and now im gay??
>>2340 (OP) 
That's pretty meta, they're spamming about their custom spamming service.

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I don't think this would work here. If anything you'd get trolled even harder. lole
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>>2311 (OP) 
I knew I had seen this quote somewhere before
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this look like some school boy made it during recess

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she's beating the batter
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uhh but i thought mexico was just one big village where everybody knows each other and you all go to pinata parties and take siestas and evade US border patrols together
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it's exactly like that
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so do you know him
what kind of guy is he like
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ah you know he's a guy like that and such, he normally likes drawing and doing that thing and stuff
the usual
I love you Magick, you're my little coca leaf.

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I love you Magick, you're my little churro.
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double trouble
you didn't make any new posts so the ilymymlc poster had to doublereply to an old post
very unprofessional
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he's not right in the hed

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What's it like having a menhera esfores anorexic femboy bf who schizoposts and eats only 300 cal a day to stay cute?
I wanna forcefeed him a sandwich tbh
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are you the arbiter of wrong and right?
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-___- loser
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what a pretty girl

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Is there some genetic component to having smooth cute feet or do I just have to use lotion all the time?
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>>2273 (OP) 
Just have boys cum on your feet regularly
>>2273 (OP) 
Grow creamy white athletes foot fungus.
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>>2273 (OP) 
exfoliate + lotion + pls let me lick them
ew don't do this
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why not?
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stinky and gross + unhealthy

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introducing: Lole Passenger
teh best app for ur esfores needs. :0 u can visit ur esfores friends for free. the esfores lole passenger taxi [[afctually party van, not fbi plz do not untrust]] will take you to someones house. u will have free secks (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) and if u want to and 10000 dollar $_$ when u visit someones esfores house. plz enjoy this nice app. also nice board :-D
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are there strobe lights too?
i dont want this thread to die noooo~ ;_;
no hay problema :-D
i hope u enjoy this beautiful app.
aaaah dont let this thread die plz. its beautiful and cool
oh mah gad me want this app i am ashachu

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As Riko evacuates her bladder of nitrogen-rich urine, a vast volume and variety of warm, feminizing adrenal excretions including estrogen, progesterone and lutenizing hormones pass out of her urethra and land in Kanna's mouth, who is currently passed out on the floor from eating too many bennadryls.
nice loli piss

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If i was a dumb zoomer and born like 10 years later than I was, I'd probably fall for all the anime crossdressing femboy memes and try to become a femboy myself and would most likely get groomed into going trans on discord by some tranny and the thought of that kinda fills me with erotic thrills.
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Kinda same but I was born into a conservative Christian family. I mean I basically already have elements of a femboy I just don't have the confidence and community.
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you could still be a crossdressing boy
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>>2258 (OP) 
Kill yourselves

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