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imagine a pink esfores boy answering this and waking up with one less kidney in a bathtub full of ice

So los blissful~
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>>21201 (OP) 
I was gonna say rip it down before someone desperate actually goes to "meet n fuck" this troon freak trio
Holy fuck
but that's not your photo judging by the file name
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it's funny though
stop being such a fag
>>21201 (OP) 
>waking up with one less kidney in a bathtub full of ice
no reason to let people wake up if you're in semirural ACT
It's really easy to dispose of bodies in australia
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Not like it matters you wouldn't have the balls to carry something like this out anyway
It's nice to jack it to your fantasies every now and then though, I get that
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Have you ever considered reading the posts you reply to?
ok femrude
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It's a nice kig but I don't like that you've got skin showing
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>>21180 (OP) 
Looks nice yuki, i like the way it stares right into me soul
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Thanks,it's a pretty good angle
It's not my real skin, if that helps
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It does
I had wondered but it didn't seem like it wasn't from the angle.
It's good then

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why nice guys finish last...
People who describe themselves as nice guys are 100% pedos and mass killers.
This post has been verified by Snopes.
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NTS but what makes you think they end up that way
Because you're Avogadoposter
Chat is this real
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im berry nice (true)

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The magazine format literally solves the content discovery problem better than any amount of poorly done metadata tagging or searchable databases ever will (and invariably these are super incomplete and don't actually contain the material that should be associated with the other works) and troonslations killing it is yet another way the format and experience is butchered as well as the just the works.
the internet is fucking retarded
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Pornmags literally don't have this problem cos they're cut and scanned as whole books, which is ironic because they also totally break the metadata conventions of most sites they're uploaded to.
The internet isn't retarded, the people doing data management on these sites are.
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there is the problem that literally all longrunning mags are dogshit, whether they started that way or otherwise
(which is due to, essentially bureaucracy)

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my dick is too big for one of those paper toilett rolls

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Why do boys do this?
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>>21175 (OP) 
because its fun
god do it yourself loser you obviously have ideas what a dweeb

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girls with dancing skills of any kind are full fledged gymnasts, that's so hot

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guys help i took too many stimulants
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please stop dying so much... im running out of resurrections...
um wish
crying sounds now wish
stupid retard thread full of stupid retards
Don't cry wish "dont worry be happy" -bob dylan

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