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the one homie who swears hes straight
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>>17771 (OP) 
when are you ever gonna be extremely cold to wear 3 layers but nothing on your legs this bitch dumb
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that's what japanse hs girls literally do though in the winter
Did rinrinne39 stop posting after this video because of how many ppl reposted it and monetized it with that stupid song while also implying that's it's a boy?
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He's talking about the boy in the video

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i live with the mushrooms
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Yayyy shroomiess
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>>18312 (OP) 
OMG can i join too?? mushrooms are so cool!!
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3 mushrooms it is!!!
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What does the end game look like for femboys and femboy lovers? 
Does it end with them both going their separate ways at 35ish, when both of their looks wear off and so they then settle with some used up hole? 
Or do they live and raise kids together via an artificial tech womb/surrogate mother ?
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i gave up on being cute and became a hermit
now i spend all day microdosing with ediblels and daydreaming about my husbando and i havent gone outside in three years :^)
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Dang, sounds grim
So for you it was just a phase that you've grown out of
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i dont think it was a phase per se, it just didnt make me as happy as i thought it would. i have le schizotypal disorder and being around people is rly unpleasant for me, being pretty helped a lot with that and was good for my self confidence in general but it wasn't enough to make me genuinely enjoy being social. it was nice getting compliments and i even did a little modeling work but at the end of the day it was very hollow and i knew it wouldn't last forever no matter what. i tried to convince myself it was worth all the discomfort and effort and expense by hoping that somehow being cute would lead to a real relationship with someone whose presence doesnt make me feel awful, but of course it doesnt work that way. it mostly just lead to internet weirdos :c 
im a lot happier now that im more honest with myself, being a shutin isnt ideal but until i can move out of the city its the lesser evil
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I see, thank you for sharing. I can relate to being uncomfortable around too many people, feels like I'm being watched
Do you think you would've stayed in and felt better in a relationship if that someone wasn't just a horny weirdo lusting after your looks but instead cared for you as a human being as well? I assume thats what you were hoping for but never found :( ? 
Im happy to hear you feel somewhat better though
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>Do you think you would've stayed in and felt better in a relationship if that someone wasn't just a horny weirdo lusting after your looks but instead cared for you as a human being as well? I assume thats what you were hoping for but never found :( ? 
thats what i thought at the time, but i dont think i was being honest with myself. ive had a lot of friends who i think really did cared about me as a person but they all still made me intensely uncomfortable. no matter how nice and friendly they were i hated being around them, it would get a little better with a lot of time and exposure but i could never get comfortable enough to genuinely want to spend time with anyone. every time i went outside id tell myself that itll go away eventually and maybe ill meet someone who doesnt hurt to be around or ill find some place where i dont feel like im being watched by inanimate objects but it never happened. 
its probably for the best though, if i had found someone and it ended up not working out i think id probably an hero lole. tbdesu i dont think im capable of truly loving another human

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le funne fishe
every ghost deserves a host.
yay :D

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I miss tragick
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hopefully elon will soon be able to create sentient beings from 4chan posts

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class sek

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Terrible artstyle.

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the joke is porn… furry porn

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i LOVE having 4chan open while talking to Alexis
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alexissss i misss uu

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>one chance at life
>not born a cute japanese girl

It still hurts
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3dpd aren't cute though
you will never go to cram school
i'm so glad i don't have gender dysphoria and only vaguely am interested in fucking or being a femboy
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>>18289 (OP) 
the girls on the side look so miserable like they're really not enjoying it
another sister lost to bigoted propaganda

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