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Can someone explain to me the "neppy is dead" meme.
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gay larp
>>4769 (OP) 
I haven't seen bunny in 2 weeks so I'm willing to believe it.

Imagine the morgue fugs.
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He just doesn't post with a name anymore
Still gets his threads deleted, LOL
as far as the larp goes, bunny is not neppy and neppy supposedly died back in february
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Aren't you able to tell them apart by the texture of their bussies?

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you heard about grabahan?
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what does that entail, like competing who can cum the hardest and farthest?
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yeah i did by looking it up on urban dictionary grabahan of my dick and balls loser 
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Yeah but like romantically
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disqualified for cheating!!!! im calling your mom!!!
i like howe this conversation just ended there

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Tried to kms today.
wtf why
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my brain is slowly disintegrating i can no longer do the simplest things because of my schizophrenia.
i will very likely lose my job because i keep screwing up
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so get on disability
didn't you mention you were going to do that anyway? 

what did you even try to do
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There's no helping it, is there? 
You know, one of these days it might actually work, or make things even worse somehow. Maybe it'd best for you to stop straining yourself with a job and let yourself relax.

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deep prostate pounding will make you gay instantly

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if you can fuck a femboy and be straight, and you can BE a femboy and be straight, can two femboys fuck each other and be straight?
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>>3711 (OP) 
A bunch of femboys I've talked to are femboysexual, meaning they only wanna fug other femboys like them.
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all sex is gay sex
>>3711 (OP) 
the femboy who bottoms is gay. the femboy who tops is straight.
I'm a femboysexual femboy

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le epic raid xd lol
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>>4659 (OP) 
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the good anime
when will we get our own /i/ board
>>4659 (OP) 

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your live in bridget comes up behind you and grabs your dick demanding sex immediately
you feel something hard pushing against your butt 

what do you do?
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>>4576 (OP) 
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We're next, what do you want? Can't go over $10 though.
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I love Magick, he's my little grilled steak quesadilla or burrito.
>>4576 (OP) 
umm can we just cuddle

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How do you find real anime friends who like moeshit and not """""""""anime friends""""""?
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>I don't feel comfortable about bringing up anime in front of people, because if they also like anime, it's usually pleb shit I don't care about. Trying to explain that I just like "cute anime girls doing cute anime girl things" is like explaining how to walk to a fish. They just don't get it. They only get what is current on streaming services.
I'm the opposite. I've used 4chan since 2008 and I could never stand or understand the "cute girls" animes or /a/. even the entry-level pleb animes are way better (and those suck)

you can't explain it because it's not actually entertainment or intended to be consumed as such. of course you can't explain it. it's some abstract form of pseudoporn for males or something. this also ties into the young anime girl avatarfig phenomenon
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Wow, you're actually an idiot.
Most of those cute girl animes are straight comedies or mixed with drama and conflict, they're very much entertainment and not "feel good love boner porn for men" like you describe.
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Everybody and their dog watches moeshit wtf are you on about
>Most of those cute girl animes are straight comedies or mixed with drama and conflict, they're very much entertainment and not "feel good love boner porn for men" like you describe.
I recognize they intend to be entertainment, which is why I said it's some abstract form of pseudoporn. it's not intended to serve that role but that's how internet guys basically treat it. only a child or a very lonely male NEET would actually enjoy watching that. you're seriously overvaluing any possible "writing quality" in any of these. it's a pitiful cope. it might be decent quality for daytime japanese television aimed at teenaged girls or whatever, but beyond that it's all some bizarre alternate reality where the bar is set far lower by some people due to the medium
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>you're seriously overvaluing any possible "writing quality" in any of these
Do you have any evidence to back that up?
You sound like you've never watched a single cute girl anime.

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You have been visited by the crossdressing C programmer of Shimoshina Academy!

Good performance, triple indirection, and tail call optimization will come to you, but only if you post "Keep overflowing the stack, Hime!" in this thread.
Keep overflowing the stack, Hime!
progranime is a crucial component in the etiology of crossdressing

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what's happening here...
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>>4720 (OP) 

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