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I don't consider myself to be gay. But if a guy looks good in a maid outfit, I'd punish that bussy.
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lol you've never had sex
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Desperation is sick. I'm not even that bad looking. Just stuck in my ways. Ass is ass.
i'm so lonely i'm prison gay too ;-;
>>5396 (OP) 
"it's not gay to top" has been true in most cultures throughout history
After stepping out of the shower, I began to think about how much I need to move out of my family's house and try life on my own. Living alone is something that scares me. There is a good chance that I'd kms out of loneliness or boredom. Then the desire of co-dependence re-entered my mind. It would be so nice to have a femboy maid to keep around the house to keep things clean and provide company. He'd basically have to do anything for me because I'm daddy now. Cooking, cleaning, and plenty of other favors. Of course I'd have to discipline him because I am a very meticulous person and have strict guidelines of how things should be done. Mutual masturbation while watching anime and talking about internet sh*t sounds so romantic. Followed by a good pounding and sleep. He would probably get very lonely while I'm away though. After I discover uncleaned blood and wax all over the sheets and rugs, he will receive beatings. If it keeps happening, he'll lose phone and computer privileges'. Random thought to bump my thread. lole
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>>5396 (OP) 
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just wear a :3 mask it makes you 2.1x cuter
it's not gay if you're only attracted to girls and femboys
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I’ve had guys on grindr say they find me hot before while claiming they’re “straight” in their bio
If you’re attracted to guys who look like me then you’re giga gay I’m sorry. The extent of denial some people will go to is crazy
nigga you read that wrong they mean straight gay not super straight aryan
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the hell you talkin' bout boah?
Also, he'd have to wear a metal chastity cage. The only exception is during our love and therapy sessions. It goes back on before we go back down to pound town again.
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hi donpatch
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hi Squishy
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how are you doing?
i think of you often because you showed me this website, maybe now you know who i am c:
unfortunately had to drop my name it is better for all involved if there is less tension on the board
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I decided to drop my name on the old site tonight. Posting feels more fun and unrestrained there now. I have it narrowed down to like two posters. Could you please post an image to verify your identity.
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wow namefigs are actually realizing being anonymous on an anonymous site is the cordial thing to do? i'm impressed
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Just one more thing Mr. Squishy, terribly sorry to bother ya, but why is there a name field… if it’s an anonymous website?
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Yeah, during my daydreams I think about the abogado and a few of the other namefigs and recognizable anons from [s4s]. The first half of last year, I was a neet who spent the majority of his time lurking and posting on [s4s]. I had my own shitty chan that wasn't promoted, and due to lack of funds and motivation to "do something" with it; the site died in early June. Prior to that, there were several threads posted by admin-kun asking for $15 to start this site as a haven for, then, [s4s]-outlaws. It was impressive to see this place actually start, and interesting to see it grow and age. If it was me that told you of this place, it would have been through a 4plebs ghost post. Sad Vlad was the one that made me aware of ghost posting lole. To be honest, at that time esforest was like therapy to me. Haven't been to any doctors as an adult, and I gravely fear the day that I have to. Picrel is my internal response to questions like "how are you doing?" lole
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I wanted to give a warning against all the unnecessary waste created by capitalism lacking philosophy. Planets that needlessly get colonized. Media that needlessly get circulated. And buildings that are needlessly tall to symbolize all of this! And by destroying them, I wanted to raise the question of how a true pioneer should be.
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I finally winned one! Been a while since I had a win.
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I play chess rather than solitaire and that just illustrates what different kinds of people we are.
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i wouldn't have expected anything less from a pipe-smoking intellectual like you
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I was thinking long and hard about what 2hu I am and I'm definitely Mamizou.
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I'm mischievous and smoke pipes
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plus she says "washi" which is cool
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Why do I have to explain myself to you anyway, I know who I am and I SAID I was Mamizou.
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just making sure you know how to read a wiki page
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I didn't read a wiki page I was playing Genso Wanderer and noticed that she said washi instead of watashi because that game is voice acted
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