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i bought a new ipad!
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good boy, you should prime it by cum tributing a pic of plushie!!
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true!! i did that like a few times on my other ipad 2 years ago and used to take pictures of it then send it to plushie
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now post it for us....
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want to see the zero testosterone prostate juice

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How do I find a gf who will do this with me?
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i want one who will let me do this
>>11890 (OP) 
Look at how fucking fat that sow is
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Chastity is cute!
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it's a black girl name
I want to see a bbc making her squeal, while the boy waits for his turn patiently

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this post is going to get a tiny bit personal, so if you’re not in the mood to be a little upset probably best to not read it, though it’s about the community drama right now.

When me and my friends started working on the United SMP, the QSMP had not been announced at all and Quackity had kept things very close to his chest with what he was working on. We were all probably thinking the same general thing, we need another Minecraft server to play on.

The idea was just to have a server to be able to just hop on Minecraft and play survival Minecraft again, and after squidgame we all agreed that it would be awesome to have it be creators from around the world. So I instantly started working on the translation mod, and was really excited to storyboard ideas for the SMP! Calling with lots of creators about it, expressing excitement and brainstorming and really getting excited to play Minecraft again.

After the QSMP was announced I was surprised and reached out to quackity expressing support for the project and letting him know I was working on something to bring creators from around the world together too, and that we should chat about it! His SMP announcement didn’t mention any translation stuff, and was English and Spanish based so I still was thinking that conceptually they were different enough to co-exist, and even was hoping to share the mod with Quackity if he was interested in using it. Quackity didn’t reply to me at the time, and obviously I assumed it was due to 
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I reached out to Quackity again, expressing support and laughing about the fact that we had such similar ideas. He hadn’t replied to my previous message, and didn’t reply to that one either. I bumped him, mentioning that a lot of vitriol was building between our fan bases because of this, and suggested that we talk about it and work out what to do so we can avoid everyone being at each others throat. All the hatred and in-fighting of communities can be avoided with creators communicating and setting boundaries and so on. After days went by, I bumped again going over the timeline of everything because I had the thought that maybe he was frustrated with me and thought that I had stolen his idea or something. Still no response so I reached out to other friends of ours who were having the same communication struggles, so I figured it wasn’t a me thing. I bumped him again a week or so later, expressing my love for him and that an SMP wasn’t worth hurting our friendship over and that I had no intention of competing with him or trying to copy any of his ideas. To “at least talk to me man! I don’t want to have any problems between us I love ya & I tried avoiding anything like this from happening, idk what the best resolution is but it’s definitely not silence between us”

Still no responses, and at that point I was very stressed and concerned about it, so members of the QSMP and non members that were friends of mine attempted to reach out to get clarity or figure out what was g
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So like I said, it’s really not worth all the drama. I want to play Minecraft with friends again and really can’t wait to start doing it again soon. The United SMP concept will be changed so that it’s again different enough from the QSMP to not compete with it, and keep the main goal of uniting creators from around the world to just simply play vanilla Minecraft. so the original “10 creators from each language, these languages”, etc is going to be changing to a different structural format due to the QSMP announcements, as I really don’t want them to be conceptually so similar and had no idea they would be. My intention was never to try and compete with another SMP, cause any friendship problems, or cause drama in the community, it was just to have fun and put out cool unique content.

Just remember, this is all about uniting the world and communities and sharing positivity around the world. I love everything that Quackity’s done and I really believe this is a big miscommunication that we’ll all be able to laugh about down the line together. I don’t support any hate towards anyone, any form of doxing, threats, harassment, racism, is unacceptable and you’re not welcome in our community if you think otherwise. I will continue to say that I have the upmost respect for Quackity as a creative mind, a hard worker, and a person, and don’t want anyone trying to take things I do and compare them to his work to put him down or to pit us against each other. My hope is still that quacki
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I recorded myself mastebrsting and my own wbimpers and heavy brestjng make me feel self conscious tbh
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it is weird how I hear that fire alarm battery noise in so many videos. people just somehow let that thing violently chirp every few minutes for years and pretend it isn't there. how is this even a thing. like, I would unironically have more respect for people who just rip the fire alarm out of the wall in response to it. just anything but simply tuning it out for years and years
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you respect me.......
I had a fire alarm that would go off whenever there was steam in the air or sometimes just randomly (smoke outdoors?) for about a year and a half. I think it got like 48hrs (about 12 hours inc/after 2x inspections 2x fire inspections) after I confirmed it wasn't the battery.
Alarms and babies are fucking intolerable, I should start sending out noise complaints so breeders get evicted.
I’m sorry for saying the bigger word
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Fuck autocorrect

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like share and subscribe

that is, literally like "share and subscribe"

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>>11681 (OP)

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throw rocks at people
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hi whisper
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i disagree
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Hi there
That's okay
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i'm going to pretend that my p*nis is an engorged clitter and rub it only when it's flaccid
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no more stroking starting today, from now on i am a frotter

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>22 years old today
Time to kill myself, no one wants a post-wall twink
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It's ok anon we're both old ugly hags :(
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speak for yourslelf ;p
>15 years old today
time to share pictures of myself on the internet to strangers
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Kewl we have the same birthday! :D
But plz wait 3 more years until you post urself online.

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u said that while shaking with fear knowing how powerful my dominant energy is. in fact, you want me to make u go all fours, bark and do tricks! Magick is soo good
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wish ehy are you wearing such a short skirt your panties are showing also get off my bed and out of my room I'm busy getting (you)s
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Sry our mothers are in a relationship now so ill be living here
is wish cute
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the few parts of her body thats she's posted make me think yes!

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die die die jump off a bridge and go bye bye bye!
Why do police keep pulling me over to tell me this?
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they just want the best for you

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