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yeserday i had a nervous breakdown and sat there shaking and crying for 3 hours.
On top of that, since my flat was broken into, I've been having paranoia and persecution anxiety again.
I think it's time to go back to the mental hospital.
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oh idk 
but nothing was stolen, didn't have anything valuable there anyway 
Somehow they got into the hallway and then they broke into my neighbour's flat and mine.
The friendly guy from the locksmith explained to me how they do it. They take a pipe thingy and then hit the lock it doesn't even take a minute 
The locksmith also said that my landlord was partly to blame because the locks were cheap.
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glowposting again 
boobytrap your house with pepper sprays (only to trigger them yourself later) 
it may make you feel safer 
dunno why would you buy one if you can make it yourself easily 
the "solder suckers" or desoldering pumps have the perfect spring for the job inside 
but of course you can just buy one directly that's probably cheaper too 
you can also stack smaller springs together or use fucking rubber bands possibilities are endless 
the design is intuitive and primitive 
i heard that schizophrenics have a better ability to imagine things in their had 
maybe if you can mismatch windmills with dragons you can come up with a better design
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at the beginning everything was still good but my subconscious has apparently caught up with me, it is always a back and forth between madness and spiritual serenity.
doc said its is okey i dont need the mental hospital
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>>13126 (OP) 
Why would you have anxiety about percussion?

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the boysmell smell
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healthy young lad goes on [sl*ts4sale], gets pumped full of gross f*tshe threads, c**ming makes their hormone levels change... EXCESS SEBUM PRODUCTION!!

many such cases!
the OCD boy
hedonistic boys!
We need to protect our young men from depraved online perverts.
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and recruit them into our armies to die, not for valor, but for money because what we have- it's never enough. just look at what the competition has, it's making me ashamed of myself.

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Megumin arrested for illegal manufacturing of explosive devices.

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What does s4s listen to?
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>>13021 (OP)
lately I find myself listening to entire albums from early 90s jp vocalists, the overuse of all synthesized instruments, reverb and drum machines fill me with chills, and fake nostalgia, it's cheesy and i have no connection to this time period but i don't want those feelings to go away.

tatsuhiro yamashita's 1986 album pocket music isn't full of synthesized instruments but it has the same feelings, the whole album keeps getting taken off youtube tho
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mostly electronic music. (not """"""EDM"""")
goreshit and anime openings

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hello from the dying embers of nanochan
where do you keep your onions?
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ok so what is this place
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Replies: >>13095 + 2 earlier
>>13089 (OP) 
it was created in reaction to m*nch's purges of most all the homosexual posters in [s4s]. posters could no longer talk to eachother because they were caught up in anywhere from a 3 day ban, to a perma ban. people kept complaining, and even reported it in 4chan's feedback section, but not much action was taken, so the site owner asked for $15 and that's how this site was made. it's funny cause munch eventually disappeared and the people who weren't perma'd could post again. 

note: i don't think we ever proved it was munch that banned everyone, but strong suspicions and evidence exists against her that can't just be chalked up to coincidence. it's all in the past though. water under the bridge.
Replies: >>13097
they could very well just start banning people again because the gay meme cabal posters are really overstaying their welcome and are being really annoying again what with wish posting cutting scars over and over, someone tell wish to cut it out

also everyone was sure it was m*nch because she was the only namefig that didn't seem to get banned ever, nor would you get banned for mentioning her name and she would post lots of yuri pics and trap pics where she'd edit pebis out and add cr*nge dialog alluding that it's really a girl (female), she would also make drive by white nationalism posts in every gross fetish thread connected with the people on this board, meanwhile, the other kind of gay posting was bannable on sight, it was MUNCH!!! i hate her so much
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I wish I could get a bf (not insane)
it's happening!

wish stop posting cutting pics ur gonna get us all banned again!
Replies: >>13103
then give him attention. duh.

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god I wish I was a stupid neet zoomer kid with a comfy carefree homelife and unlimited free time enough to go through an anime induced gender dysphoria phase
when i went through mine there were no femboys or cute trans girls online only weird gay men
are you old enough to remember when "femboy" was a 2d only thing
Replies: >>13098
i never saw femboy used in that way, just trap for 2D until people started posting thigh pics and this goes way back, 4chan archives going back to 2008 already allude to users posting grainy shaved leg pics with socks

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I have it under good authority that the public discord server for needy streamer overload is full of annoying menhera brats (male) bottomfeeding the dregs and bits n pieces of denpa and jirai-kei culture that spill onto the english speaking internet.

thread theme:
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wtf i can only select this
Replies: >>13070 >>13092
That was the point I closed it, its dumb, I have nobody to talk to
Replies: >>13084
wtf femboys are pigs who graze on food every 4 hours???
I saw another version of the same prompt further down the chart that suggested making posts on Twitter or just trauma dumping on forum sites is just as good.

Reading the grounding part is really surreal, so much stuff that comes naturally and doesn't need to be said these people can't even go through a single day without having panic attacks i bet
this is what vnfags play?

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its a slippery slope between sanity and madness
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I came here from darknets 
where can i buy sluts on this site? 
preferably underage and obedient UwU
i don't know i'm just a schizo who hangs out on this website
May I interest you in a jirai-kei menhera, barely used, only some slight scarring on the arms and thighs
at the psych ward for spastic tranny freaks such as yourself

attention seeking princess wish
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did someone save it i missed it
Replies: >>13036
i saw them and he had already censored most of them with a mosaic but they were deleted anyway
they're not even deep cuts just wussy raspberries

wish stop cutting urself and drawing mymelo on ur leg it's not as cute as you think it is
Replies: >>13037
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That’s lewd
waa they were pretty deep this time,,
Not as nice as you think it is...

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