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Why are Germans like this?
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german grammar is small time, they only decline articles and adjectives and pronouns  

in croatian all the nouns are declined, and there's 7 grammatical cases, and apart from having to learn all of them you have to also learn like a bazillion of alternation rules that happen when you apply the case suffix to the word root

hungarian has like 18 cases too
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Nuke Europe.

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that sounds like a lot of effort also i dont have a webcam or a mic or any video editing skills or a youtube account
can someone else do it for me thanks
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no no you dont understand it needs to have a pretentious leftytube feel otherwise it wouldnt work
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i dont know how to do that i only use youtube for music and animal videos whats leftytube i dont llike this idea anymore :c
i take it back i dont want to sue moot he probably doesnt even have anything worth suing for except maybe old depressing irc logs of him talking to snacks and xenon
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I hate how vtubers are so pretentious, at least camgirls go to the point

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I'm going to my charity shop volunteering again tommorow. I feel happy!
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volunteer for chastity
Back from the chasti– charity shop. We're already selling Christmas cards lol.
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how many chastity cards did you sell
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Nearly that time of the week again !!

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the last tear i have 
who is she still worth
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>>2976 (OP) 
she worth about tree fiddy
pretty cringe thread brah

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I am officially a NEET again lole
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Even after adjusting for PPP that is more than the average salary in my country, firsties are so privileged o(TヘTo)
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How do you feel about the fact that despite this privilege he self harms and whines on 4chan about his life all day
I would pretty triggered if I saw someone effectively living life on easy mode acting like that if I was a third worlder tbh
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not him but i'm also from a poor(er) country but i feel that line of thinking is kinda dumb, i'm sure there's some starving african child that's envious of my situation as well and wouldn't be able to fathom as to why on earth would i be discontent with my lot in life
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Yeah that kind of shows my one-dimensional simplistic and resentful thinking I guess.
This is why I like arguing on this site, I learn stuff about myself. It's like therapy.
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im a pickaninny and i hate you

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Would anyone be interested in reading my Violet Evergarden fanfic. It's super short I promise.
I didn't know people made violet evergarden fanfic lole wtf
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Read my fanfic instead 

Violet Evergarden was walking around town on her fingers.
Her hands looked like two metal spiders walking her around. 
The dude guy from the show saw her doing this and said "damn you freaky girl" and quoth Violet Evergarden "Evermore". 
Violet then stood up on her feet and she pulled out her macbook pro and her fingers split into two like that one dude from Ghost in the Shell and she beat someone in a typing race by typing 70 words per minute.
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Now you do.
Good fic. What do you think of mine?
I've read it. 
I haven't watched Violet Evergarden though, and I assume appreciating it in it's fullness kinda hinges on that so I can't really say much beyond this...

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As a punishment for his antics, this boy was forced by his sister to wear a chastity cage, to painfully keep his tiny useless boner inside it. He tries to resist her, but it's hopeless: she incessantly fucks him, her big dick bringing tears to his eyes, while he groans and cries like a little girl.

He begs her to stop, but she only gets harder. After being told that he is merely being used for what he's supposed to, he realizes that he has no other purpose for her than to serve and please big sister, by being her personal fucktoy.
how to get pegging gf?

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I think my female (discord) friend thinks im gay
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is that a confession
I like that im getting replies but at the same time idk what this has to do with my thread
donkey get the camera
another fren joked about me transitioning... i thought he was a based chud
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you probably should, if you think you'd look good

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doth thou thee eke well swa swa ken?

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