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You should shave your whole body.

apparently "shaving powder" is the new rage nowadays when it comes to body hair removal

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who here looks like this?
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>>5061 (OP) 
god i wish that weren't me
uhh bro were are your pants . . . .

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le 6 months on hrt femboy lole
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are you using "tranny" as a term of endearment or an insult (and "both" is not an acceptable answer)
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I'm using it as shorthand for "transsexual" which is the most neutral and descriptive term for what they are.
"troon" is the commonly accepted term of abuse now
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yeah, because it implies that they are users of something awful lol
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it does, but a lot of people don't know that.

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What is the point of being a straight male if every girl says no and every boy says yes?
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i hear /r9k/ is still full of horny femboy wannabe sluts you can shower with $20 maid outfits and get trap pics in return, /trash/ has a whole general dedicated to this too
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how does sending horny internet strangers crossdressing pics equal shyness
/r9k/ seems like the last place i'd find the kind of person i have in mind
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they're shy because they would never do this stuff irl because they dont want people irl to know they're a sissy
>>4967 (OP) 
well you see, anon, femoids are the ruling class, the point of being male is to be their punching bag and slave
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things gone so much worse
quit your job retard
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i have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow, if he doesn't prescribe me some medication to boost my emotional state or my brain activity then i quit
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there's no medication to do that, except for maybe mdma or weed I guess

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Why does it seem like girlers enjoy masturbating more than men do?
because they do it sparingly, when they're really horny
boys jack off every day, actually multiple times a day, just because they're bored
so much so that boys make up shit like no nut november, which is stupid, just because they're so dumb and horny
meanwhile girls are just as dumb and horny so they post their lewd bodies on the internet making boys waste their time on the internet, it's a vicious circle
videogames ruined a whole generation of men
how would you know you've never even met a girl
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Why is shamiko's mom so hot
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because she's poor

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Is it gay and retarded to like micker and have tons of micker merchandise in ur room?
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you know this how?
Miku is just a voice
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Yeah but she cute
Replies: >>5031
you're in love with the avatar then
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I love micker!

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I literally just did this just now. lole
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you're supposed to use quotes 
still very similar results...

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>>5000 (OP) 
Sakana nut

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james banks is a pedophile and i would not have sex with him

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