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I just want to be abel to smile again
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white scars 4eva
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eeeehhh u prefer them? i hav lots but theyre not visible @_@ well heres to our Friendship!!
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sluts4sale top 10 cutest hits postttt
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It is just my humble opinion but i think bandages are cuter
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My mother is a fucking bitch
She told me that she called the ward where I am staying and that the nurses said that I am not allowed to have my laptop.
I asked the nurses if my mother called here and if it is allowed to have a laptop. They said that is no problem at all
My mother really thinks she can lie to me. I sit at the fucking source mf
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help me i failed life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If I could be a nigger for a day~
I could live my life the free and easy way
I'd take from Uncle Sam and let the white man pay
If I could be a nigger for a day

Now for one whole day, a nigger I could be
The first thing I'd do is join the NAACP
And I'd let Fwyzee and Foo-May do my thinkin' for me
If I could be a nigger for a day

Now I wouldn't wanna work, 'cause I wouldn't have to
Guess what I'd do next, well, you shouldn't need a clue
I'd go down to social services like all the brothers do
If I could be a nigger for a day

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I wonder when the gado psych ward anime arc will end

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im showing this side to a psychologist  c:
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did you show it yet?
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it was a joke
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what the heck screw you i hate you you are evil and bumd and gay and i ahte you you are evil evil evil
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I am just some psychic confused schizophrenic from the intenet

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i was on omegle text chat and i talked to a man hating lesbian who kept insulting me (cuz i am a man) and i want to experience that again :(
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I deserve at least one reply :<
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>>17238 (OP) 
Pervert. You require re-education.
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Suck my fucking dick
Also all lesbians are man-hating dykes
In what way may I ask?

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hot sticky semen i love it so much i love when people call me a whore and i do things that they say is slutty,. i would wear anything they think is hot oor slutty because its good to make people enjoy me espicially big black cock ppl
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>>17280 (OP) 
No clothes for you, Kitten. 
Your bull needs full access to your body at a moment's notice.

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maby it is just my delusion...
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You have the same watch do you even use the App it comes with?
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I’ll change it to something cool and show you
1 second
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covfefe toime
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you want me to be an asshole okey i will be an asshole
confidence is so sexy
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even if it just pretending i am soft inside
uhhhhhh i mean suck my fat german cock or something
 god this is so retarded 
Why isn't it like it used to be? Back then you could still say: "Hey, let's go have a cocoa." Today: Ey bitch suck my cock
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seriously, ever since the world took a massive shit in general, the normieshits got a little too comfortably rowdy
what's it gonna take to instill some decency and humility into them again

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goodbye mattress hope you will be happy
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I listen to drunk rant after drunk rant via discord for him and happily put up with it, I’m the best he’s got.
You know nothing about me or my character you dumb sissy
>I’m the best he’s got.
sheesh, my condolences OP
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How I feel right now about being a severly brainwormed autistic zoomer who grew up on the internet
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How I feel being all of that + annoying too

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