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It's the first world of Vulgo and it's made of two phonems.
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Magick home video
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>>11002 (OP) 
they really going at it

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have you taken ur tranime pill yet s4s?
as an le epic chaser, I am required to ask this question so I can masturbate blissfully
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i don't need anime to be a tranny
i'm so much better than you
don't really watch tv tbqhwyf
Please be patient with autism
>you're a chaser? really? how many trans girls have you slept with?
so far none :(

but I keep trying

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Hello, im new here, what is this site about and what do you guys do here?
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we jerk each other off
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Post your penis and I'll jerk it.
>>10997 (OP) 
mutual masturbation, exchange of dick pics, erotic roleplay, digital fondling, cybersmexing

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talk about autogynephilia
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i just want to watch the video and masturbate to it and time my cum with when he cums nothing weird or perverted
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youre in love with a boy hahahahaha
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no, just sexually attracted. and then after I cum I'll feel exclusive attraction to women again for about 5 days until the interest resurfaces and the cycle begins anew
im gyna fill ya

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What if you got abducted and taken to a organic boimilk factory where you get force fed soy lecithin and l-argentine and zinc supplements and get stimulated into leaking all ur boymilk as fast as your body can replenish it?
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>>10967 (OP) 
What if we keep our inappropriate fantasies like these to ourselves
>>10967 (OP) 
i saved some infographic for big cummies and better orgasms and i think it listed all these things you mentioned but also pyeguem, which, supposedly,  greatly increases your precum production

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Would you pass penis inspection day?
I want someone to pump in front of me...
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what or who do you want them to pump to, anon? your face, or a pic of someone else's face they're looking at while they're in front of you?
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idk,,, porn maybe
I just want them to be really horny and leaking

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youre in love with a boy hahahahaha
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who is lol
there aren't any likeable posters on this board
>>10957 (OP) 
I fall in love with girls and I have s*x with boys, simple as

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she's such a fat pig
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all anime girls are the same
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gotta dew what u gotta dew
I love fat pigs like her!
she's the dumbest girl yet
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I'm the dumbest girl alive

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This board has a lot of feminine energy.
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>>10916 (OP) 
So true bestie
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Luring Magick into a cage trap using a cute bunny...
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the little churro will never see it coming..
making out with whisper!!!

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