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but seriously consider stopping
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I miss her

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FACT: crossdressing anime boys are the most powerful race in the world
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I wish I were gay, or bi whatever. I hate knowing ill never be some guy's twink because my biology decrees I only like women.

On the subject of women I wish femdom women were real.
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They are real they just look like potatoes
they're also less smug bratty dom or gentle mommy dom or w/e you're into than "shove painful things up your anus and into your peehole" dom
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which ones are the attractive not ugly ones?
the headband is pretty feminine, that counts as clothes tbh

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what do c**mies taste like?
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oh phew I thought that said c**nies for a second and that this was a pedo thread but thankfully it's just a depraved faggot thread
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>>6942 (OP) 
it smells like bleach and tastes like salty bleachy boogers and bleh

unless you're horny and haven't orgasmed yet, in which case it smells wonderful and tastes like warm and slippery and coats the back of your throat with a tingly sensation and makes you feel warm and fuzzy as it makes your bitch switch go into maximum overdrive if your boyfriend's humid and musty boysmell hasn't done that to you already
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little slut
your boogres taste like cum?

Touch grass trannies
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um actually i live in your typical White suburban neighborhood with your typical grassy lawns but as it turns out this so called utopia is very isolating. Ironically the solution to many of our modern ills and loneliness is to infact live in grassless areas. Cities of brick, concrete or steel is far better for socializing than grassy lawns.
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touch pp
Suburbs just mean you can't do literally anything without a car
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Even with a car what are you supposed to do, go to walmart? lol
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Drive into the city

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Why is your catalog so long like chill out lol
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you aren't supposed to use catalogs on sites this small
>>17745 (OP) 
no pages? :(

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what did he mean by this?

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i just saw the ugly wojacs and now i think i will commit dieself there is no other option i hope ur hapy for urself raider
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I hate to break it to you but there are three now.
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omg th mod deletd the thred my lif is saved!
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back in my day when we solo raided obscure spinoff imageboards we spammed enough gore and shitting dick nipples to bump every other thread off the site
these mspaint drawings are weak and boring, do better
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theyre also dumb
femboy =/= tranny
like ok we get the message, tranny bad, now plz stfu

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ii want god of death to take me away and awya
are you depressed wish
I thought self-centered people don't get depressed
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blood must be spilled
yeah i agree but that archon doesnt like us

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pressing down on my perineum and squeezing my kegels hard to get the very last drops of c**mies out of my beposi cus I don't wanna feel it ooze out later when I sit down and make wet spots in my underwear
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if i start marsturbating again after a long time without doing it girls come back to haunt my gay romance fantasies and warn me that i shouldn't forget my place
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forgot picture
pic unrelated?
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how about this one
>>17685 (OP) 
lmao just a spoonful of semen

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