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I've got ball of steel.
peggy sounded like she was great in the sack 
also imagine playing wow with your mome lole
or was it lotr online i forgot
it was wow
but no i wouldnt hit that, she was trashy af, also no penis
I'm pretty sure it was lord of the rings online

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Did it again

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Draw ssomething
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they sell egg whites by themselves
Replies: >>25468
And they cost more than regular eggs, health freaks are easily influenced retards you can take advantage of for fun and profit!
might as well buy egg protein powder at that point
it does taste horrible though
>>25463 (OP) 
this is just a nekojiru panel

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>my multivitamin contains resveratol (in botanic form) and saw palmetto as well as some questionably effective natural stimulants and some of the generic nootropic and longevity nerd supplements
>none of these are listed in the "what does this supplement help with" section probably because they can't legally be said to do anything
These cats are fucking wild. Genuine Gangsters.
That's not how you're supposed to dose resveratol though though I don't think that was known when they made this formula and it's a pretty low volume so it likely doesn't matter either way
not actually steroids afaik butt you know what I mean

man I really don't like writing 'you' as 'u'
shouldn't the convention be y or y' anyway
liek yknow is strictly superior and it's natural speech as well

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my neew c cage is.. too big like way too big
someone with a dick this big wouldn't be wearing a cage, like what the fuck don't they know their market....
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i thought you hated glowniggers
Replies: >>25445
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not anymore buddhist say let go of resentment and when i look back at what happend it was probaly good that they thought i was a terrorist and that they arrested me on the street while putting a gun into my face 
i'm not even mad that they were in my gmail account i still wonder who Douglas Harris is
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The fucking drives me crazy. Hey, this is all driving me crazy! Women! Always the same! Always the same fucking around and messing around, they're so cheap, dude. They're so cheap! I don't... I don't... I want... I can't say that I hate women, but they're so cheap, I have to talk about it. Most of the people who do... they want to cover it up: "Don't tell me, please don't spread the word that you fucked me, it stays between us, I have a guilty conscience anyway." So no dick can listen to that kind of bullshit, right? And then they want to do twosomes or threesomes and foursomes, and all those experiments... They're all whore bitches. And then they're surprised when you talk about the whole fucking thing... Such fucked up pussies, you know where they belong, hey... I always say: The whores are sophisticated. They take the money. They're sophisticated, the others let themselves be fucked like that, and then they fall in love, they're so stupid! Then they fall in love: “Oh, the man, he's my dream man, he's so hot, he's so nice, he's... that was such a beautiful evening, that was so Romansh…” All fucked up pussies! Stuck! Don't be angry. And then they cheat, I know it! I've already fucked so many women who had boyfriends... I'm the last masserfucker... mothers fucked the chins, dude! They are so ridiculous, they are so stupid, the women. They move from one to the other and that's where they catch the disea
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cages are for flaccid length and have literally nothing to do with the size of your dick
it's probably for niggers

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 i lit a cigarrette after fapping and the cum clot got stuck in it (lighter)
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Replies: >>25431
stop uploading h265 videos due their  patented nature they do not play in firefox
Replies: >>25433
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you can download them and watch them in VLC media player

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Magick is obviously in love with me.
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not yet :3
lmao even
Replies: >>25409
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at least you get the joke haha
Replies: >>25410
just got magi mushroom
Replies: >>25412
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i want to have Magick,s muchroom too :3

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