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Before my bed there's a pool of light
I wonder if it's frost on the ground
Looking up, I find the moon bright
Then bowing my head, I drown in homesickness

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I wonder how it would feel to be a 80s kid and blend with both the adult and young of this society :)
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1992 here. I jive well with boomers and generally have a good time with people in their late teens early twenties. People around my own age generally aren't very fun to be around.
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>People around my own age generally aren't very fun to be around
what makes you feel this way
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People age 30 are either overgrown children who abuse recreational drugs or already have their shit together and have submitted to the daily grind already.
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>>3066 (dubs)
Nailed it. I'm definitely the former. Being around other recreational drug users is generally very cringe at this point. Like, can they not be so obvious about the fact that substance abuse is the only thing that defines you. Not to mention all of the pos who only hit you up when they need some money. Then, when being around the successful ones, one can't help but ask, "are you even human?"

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Straight femboy is best femboy
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>>3061 (OP) 
i like my femboys to actually have boyish charms, you can't just draw a pretty girl with a smug brash personality and give her a female seiyuu and expect me to swallow that it's a boy
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Straight femboy is best femboy

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Does anyone else self-identify as an anime girl (male) on the internet?
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You don't have to watch every show in order to just look at a season chart and pick out something you'd like. There's actually more variety than ever before by the simple virtue of more anime being made than ever before. You can also browse through prior seasons if you don't want to watch anime as it airs.
Hmm, i kinda get what you mean, like a comfy show? But for that, i like something that's "slice of life". Like BECK or something. Not the overly cutesy stuff. But maybe that's just me. It's just overkill imo.
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I never stopped to look at a season chart but holy shit it's literally all isekai and battle shounen harem crap.
I was gonna down down the whole list but there's hardly any cute girl slice of life.
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I want to avatarfag as pebbles from the flintstones
working out helps me feel masc but I also turn into a raging homo

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im mentally ill

Your Fortune: Super Bad Luck
Sometimes I wish I had some kind of mental illness so I could have a convenient excuse for being such a complete fuckup at life.
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maybe you have some kind of anxiety disorder or something
you can also try to fake it but then you will get medication that is not good for you
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I'm ruining the internet man's day at work by being a huge autist

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I'm gonna inherit the earth and I'm gonna repopulate it with my kind. My first daughter is already 14
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smoke and
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>>2975 (OP) 
Why would you want babies when they get corrupt with the flow of the generations and you're in company of 2 individuals and you have so many dust to clean
I love you Magick, you're my little churro.

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She mounted me and I loved it
sex is for pervs
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Yup, some pervs even put poopies in their mouths and insalivate them and then they kiss and swallow

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I desire to be dirty and buta and I desire a buta adorable loli to care and lick and please and release my male horniness
translators note buta is malay for blind

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The reward of being obedient to mommy and give her pleasure
I keep seeing this bitch on boorus, so I actually looked up from where she's from, and apparently, candy in japan comes packaged with big boobed demon lady trading cards
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I'm sure that's the source bro
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hey i heard part of this song on limmy's show

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>>3041 (OP) 
i wish more twinks had long hair
short hair is gross
Cute tummy and abundant beautiful hair almost until the nipples

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