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I found out the way I fap my pebis is considered feminine, i just rub my frenulum like a cl*t under my clothes most of the time instead of jerking it, apparently most guys don't spasm and have full body twitching whimpering orgasms that last a whole minute either.
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do you still have your foreskin?
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no im juse
no sadly, I bet it would make my seshes even more gross though
at least I'll never know the horrors of dick cheese

Also for future reference it's probably not a good idea long term to fap 14 times a week, I was getting really sensitive tstickers that would ache in a nonsensual way if I even accidentally touched them while out and about.
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when are you gonna post your fap video you promised
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go to 4chan /lgbt/ already anon 
go make your horny threads there they need them

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the repost girl
gay sex

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sex is a one sided transaction, something that women give to men begrudgingly
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>>19935 (OP) 
what kind of loser actually thinks this
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compensated dating (don't tell Dad)
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i wish girls who hate sex were actually real
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girls love sex
this is a reference to my thread
begrudging disintrested sex is so hote
there's hardly any art of this however, it always skews too far in the other direction, either total disinterest like making phone calls while having sex or time stop or drugs where they're just unware.

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<a href=>Красота и здоровье</a> или <a href=>Снизить риск ожирения у детей поможет средиземноморская диета</a> 
<a href=>анализ мочи на цито</a>

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I think it's really funny how mtfs complain about being forever alone and unwanted by men but then they also voice their disgust toward any man who would accept them as is, they're all "chasers" and need to get blocked.
Why are they like this?
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>>19950 (OP) 
so true oomfie
female brained from female hormones
/lgbt/ on 4chan pleaaase

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my heart feels heavy...
nhhggggggg *nom nom* *smooch* nhhgg *nom*
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im writing my last will i might go to the hospital 
i dont really feel so good
Mattress gets my mugs and my gameboys plus the pokimons games
I can also offer you some of my belongings...
interested in a gamin pc or a laptop?
damn nigger I don't care
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I thought you would be happy when I die or rather when I am dead...
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when i finally realize i haven't seen you in months i will most likely just think you went back to /bant/ or some other blogboard and move on with my life

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melted pig skin and various bone juices whipped with sugar and moulded into the shape of teddy bears
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i rly shuold stop alcohol/smoking/bad diet/big pharma drug consumption
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guys what does mattress mean by this
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i think he's sucking your dick
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2 schizo freaks interacting in the wild lole
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It's getting colder, make sure to dress for the weather!
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it is snowing outside time to put the swag on
why is he wearing a skirt if its cold, fire the writers

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worst one yet
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the sequels almost never follow up, feels like a built-in rule of the universe

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i really hate niggers omfg

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