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girls will LITERALLY eat a burger
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am I invited
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I love you Magick, you're not invited.
>>1962 (OP) 

ngl, I like borgs, but grills are savages. They need a strong guy to be like, "hey, don't eat so much bitch"
Gals really like it when a bro takes charge. 
Feel free to spread my advice to your bros
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thanks, bro
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np, bro, us bros need to stick together.

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TL note: "heute die pillen ins klo gespuckt" means "today i have spit  out the pills into the toilet"
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warum reden wir auf deutsch
Shouldn't it be "Heute Ich habe die Pillen ins Klo gespuckt"?
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One time I flushed 20 tabs of acid down the toilet because I paranoid. Not fun, scary time.
drugs r bad
>>1420 (OP) 

That's wasteful. Pills are expensive. You should never spit out drugs kid.
A drug head in your village will go with out a sweet as hit tonight. You should feel bad.

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why cat scream?
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nya nya
>>2370 (OP) 
You would be screaming too if you knew how harsh life can be

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>>2441 (OP) 
a-ayoo w-w-w-uz g-g-u-uuuud b-bro

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cute smooth boy
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very cringe

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I think my cade has le autsim
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>>2428 (OP) 
He has autism so he's basically brain damaged, he should be made to give up his organs for healthy cades.
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but all cats have le autisms
bunny supremacists on the rise

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i only liked to lurk sometimes so i don't exactly know what's going on is swaglord in on the discord cable? is it he who gives 30 "ban evasion" ban? do any other mods have involvement, like former /qa/ mod uwu, he has ruined everything he's touched so far in his 4chan mod career.
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who knows, but 4chan mods being capricious faggots is nothing new under the sun
>>2039 (OP) 
do you think mods get paid
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i pay them to have seggs with me

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Is sex good for you?
Having a healthy sex life is good for you both emotionally and physically. Sex can help you create a connection with another person, and sexual pleasure has lots of health benefits — whether you’re with a partner or not. When you have an orgasm, your body gives you a natural high. You release endorphins, which are hormones that block pain and make you feel good.

There are lots of other health benefits associated with sexual pleasure:

>better general health
>better sleep
>better self-esteem
>better fitness
>less stress and tension
>a longer life
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why does everyone have pet bunnies
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they're the menhera pet
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thats very sad :c but that's just how some bunnies are, they have strong personalities and preferences and there isn't much you can do about it if they don't like something. they're like cats in that regard
how much time do you spend with them? do you know their body language? they're much higher maintenance pets than most people think, you really have to put in a lot of work to make them happy. they're like dogs in that regard

bune is best, loev bune
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I spend lots of time with them and usually they will circle around me, but if I touch them they will go away
however the let me rub their tummies when they're laying down, I guess they're too lazy to get up lol
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that is unusual, usually they prefer not to be touched on the tummy
but every bune is an individual and if they're circling and letting you touch them there they must like you :)

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i love you
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I'm looking for this man to sell him to other men at ten times the price at least

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>>2338 (OP) 
I love you Magick, you're my little bleh whore.
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