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if anyone wants to do voicetraining with me
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Jews Will Not Replace Us

Your Fortune: Take Extra Precautions
Wow people still use stuff like vent/mumble/ts?
you will always be a woman
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is it true that you can get meningitis by drinking water from a puddle?
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>>12913 (OP) 
If you have a bad immune system yes, some diseases are more likely to get past the blood brain barrier and into your meninges, especially if they end up in your nasal passages.

Basically don't snort the puddle water or you'll get brain parasites.
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so what you're saying is i have to use my nose?
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what you need to use is your brain

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Can you imagine what it must be like to not be bisexual?
not really tbh
asian feet smell like mollusk
people stretch bisexual too far, you are not really any flavor of lgbt if you're into women and women adjacent people and fully intend to top them regardless of sex
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I call it "4chansexual"
proof that footcucks belong in lgbtq+

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>>11866 (OP) 
le mammal

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why is magick called a weird groomer does anyone know why thats strange i think magick is nice and good not a groomer
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with concerted effort and deft skill
can i have ur weak pathetic cum all over my cookies
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idk wishey  can you????
you have to get it out first
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ill get all ur pent up pathetic cum out! you'll be completely dry when im done and my cookies will taste significantly better~
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just cybersex already

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the femboy disease
the only good thing anout femboys or worse is the male under the costume
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The good thing about femboys is that they exist, the bad thing about them is that with enough attention they become as spoiled and picky as w*men, and they hit the wall sooner and way harder
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femboys manage to become more catty and bpd ridden than women given enough exposure to thirsty men, is it a neurological pathway all humans are predisposed to like the parenthood pathway literally melting your brain?
because this just keeps happening
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no it's simply the more attention you get, and it doesn't even have to be sexual attention, the shittier does a person become
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Elongated Muskrat

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dad where did you put my moroccan crpgs and ancient thracian texts?
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I hate him so fucking much guys
who are even these people
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i started and marketed several rpg maker projects beofe ri even started puberty and beat grimoire: heralds of the winged exmaplar on release without a manual, which nobody else except one schizphrenic european in my steam firends list did, and i even have the legenadry neanderthal developer cleve blakemore on my friendlist, im a scholra in french AND italian medeival literaute, i can draw better than the average normalf*g, and im gifted at music and so good at it that i dont even like to show it because its so embarrassing how naturally skilled i am at it, what else? hard to say, i can run pretty fast, i have the natural edurance and belliquosness of my norman ancestores, i can get a rogue to level cap in any mmorpg because of this (warrior rogue supplement), i have anciewnt thracian blood, and i could probably kill a mountain lion with my bare hands if i wanted to, im just kind of boring i guess

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i'm not jealous
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You will never have eggs cracked on your face
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it is kind of a waste of egg
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why did this have to be in this retarded phone format
oh so that's what they're for

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crossdressing anime boys are a miracle of the universe and need to be protected!
protected from what
Gamma rays
from their moms looking under their bed
from unsavory and predatory discord groomers like >>12797

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