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When you hit the point of no return, squeeze your thighs really tight!
You know how in gorls the pelvic floor muscles are linked to the bagine?
The pelvic floor muscles spasm rhythmically at the time of orgasm, synced to your heartbeat until the action potentials in your nerve endings are out of juice and the orgasm is over.
These are the same muscles that let you hold your pee in both men and women, you can tense them up yourself and extend an orgasm for quite a while afterwards, squeezing your thighs will compress them in the other direction, you can give your g-spot quite a working with this.

The same is true in men, notice how the prostate is touching the pelvic floor, it's also linked by connective tissue on all the parts of the bepis you can't see that are hidden in your body.
When you orgasm, your body is pulling on your p-spot rhythmically in time with your heart beat, and squeezing your thighs together will pull on it in the opposite direction, leading to an overwhelming orgasm in both men and women!

Personally I like to squeeze my thighs at the point of no return but also rub my squished thighs together really fast, and also play with my niplels, that part is pretty important, go look up frenulum bully's guide's on how to do this >>8912
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>>16829 (OP) 
>When you orgasm, your body is pulling on your p-spot rhythmically in time with your heart beat
This doesn't sound right
When you shoot goo, the muscles in your pen*s (base) spasm. I don't believe this is tied to your vascular system at all.
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when did i enroll for femboy college- i'm a damn drop out GET ME OUTTA HEREEE
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do your homework

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u want a bedtime story? heres ur bedtime story
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20 years in the can. 
I wanted a bedtime story. I compromised. 
I had my cellmate whisper into my ear as he rawdogged me instead.
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I bet you play as the gorl in video games.
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I'm a femboy and I've never played as a girl in games. I've always played as the most femboy-like character. like in Lineage 2 I always played a lithe male dark elf with long-ish white hair
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yes i play as the girl in video games unless it’s a very violent game then a male character would be more entertaining 
i play as them bc i just don’t want to play as the male character in some video games
im not sure why boys r insecure about it,, if u want to play as a girl in a video game then its fine, it’s just what you want ur character’s gender to be and not urs 
though playing mostly as girls in all video games for no reason at all is one of the few steps of becoming trans later
This seems way more like women's utter insecurity in men picking female characters in their games.
I can't even fathom why someone would write out that whole string of text "it makes me feel like I'm not good enough" in relation to your boyfriend playing as a girl, like they feel they have to compete with a fictional character, why are women so autistic
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same i dont like games where you have to play a girl to make a pretty character :(
>>10560 (OP) 
so i can look at my tummy and thighs and breasts

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Each of you are all kind of dumb
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i thought you worked a job at a warehouse. i don't really have any answers for you, avogado. only you really know. it's your life. life is short, so live it the way you want. not in a recklessly hedonistic way, but just put trust into yourself and follow your heart wherever it leads you. don't let people deceive you into straying from this path of pure passion, as again, it is your one life, so you're going to live it the way you want, and be okay with it. it's hard to explain any of this without these words being able to be misinterpreted and twisted into something that it isn't, but all i know is that nothing's really wrong with you. people will try and convince you there is, maybe you yourself will try to convince yourself that you're defective, but nothing's wrong with you.
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I have been dismissed when i went in the mental hospital was my own fault because i am a retard tbh
I currently live on sick pay and after that i will get money from the state until i can find another job 
but my parent say that i am not abel to work anymore they want to send me into a nursing home for mentally lel people
let's see what the future holds thank you for your kind words i am trying to look at life a bit more positively now c:
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KILL yourself essay fags, unironically
my post
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no i am

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Cute pic magick might like
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very cute I like it
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cute hungry ratto
cute up

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6 months into squishy moving in with his adoptive master as his maid, suspiciously he started getting more squishy, feminine and thicc after he moved in but being in an almost constant state of arousal from his chastity, he hardly notices these days.
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same shit different day
boys really believe this
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lies from the top
fat bitcg
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>>21741 (OP) 
have u ever scratched ur neck until ur nails had blood on them

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>>21739 (OP) 

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Magick is my Best Friend on S4S
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if wish kills himself those stocks are going to skyrocket
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nice thread bro
Send some pics as proof

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