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philly cheese steak c:
love a huge mug of beer with this
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it tastes so good the molten cheese mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh
I can't believe I've never eaten anything like this before c:
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>I can't believe I've never eaten anything like this before c:
I can't believe it either. Don't you live in the burger capital of the world?
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im from germuny
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Cooked some meat but it seemed like it was sour and off so I scrapped it sadge
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the other day i had a cheesesteak with neither cheese nor steak
im sure theres some silly german loanword to describe the feeling of eating a cheeseless steakless cheesesteak but i cant think of it now sorry
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not even germans have a word for this abnomination
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doesn't it ever piss off germans that they work the hardest out of all EU member states and the financial stability of the euro is entirely dependent on germany being a nation of workaholics and yet they still have to deal with austerity measures like heating fuel shortages and no cheese or steak in their cheesesteak sandwiches to own the russians?
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it was bretty gud tbdesu c:
it had hot peppers and sauteed mushrooms and spinach and the bread was fluffy and nice it could have maybe used some mustard but the store always adds too much when i ask for it so i didnt bother
im not german but i know that the first thing every german does after work is work more so for them working double overtime to keep the rest of europe afloat is probably a form of leisure theyre probably grateful to all the spaniards and greeks and slavs for giving them extra economies to manage
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b-but why did they called it cheesesteak desu?
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i just looked at their menu and they dont actually call it a cheesesteak they just call it a sandwich lole
but i will continue to call it a cheesesteak so that i can continue to experience that feeling for which i still have yet to find the right smushed-up german loanword
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