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i never seen skittles like these 
are they good
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they taste like squishy sweet dreams
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kill yourself boring loser
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how old am i again
Replies: >>9435
*eats the squishy*
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i wish i could kill wish
you're menhera
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yes that was my old name
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hai me too
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obviously because you made that image
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waa,, i found it on the internet silly,,
but i like that character
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but you do have bpd
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what is that cream thing in the middle
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yeppie i do,,
do u find bpd to be a cute thing or a bad thing..
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its a hand cream taht also smells nice
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idk I'm not prejudiced
last time I met a person with bpd she appeared to be utterly uninterested in me but demanded me to keep talking to her, was completely uncomfortable with lewd stuff, asked me to be awake at 5 am in the morning so we could talk before she went to work, and already had a girlfriend then had a boyfriend I think
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do you smell nice and have soft hands?
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I knew a girl with bpd once, I rejected her and she immediately hooked up with one of my friends same day. (he looked kinda like me lole (tall, long hair, kinda fat))
She had this magical ability to drag down the mood of everyone in the room whenever she was unhappy, and she was unhappy a lot, I had figured out to leave before she would poison the mood.
She would use her best friends as pillows to cry on basically every single day, she faked having cancer and amnesia and a few other things for some reason?
She was a huge weeb like me though, she called me her senior (her senpai), I can very much say that being with a bpd girl is very much not cute 85% of the time, but some of it is kinda cute, mostly not cute!
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sounds about right? was she pretty?
despise having my life ruined by every BPD girl I've dated I'm still inevitably going to date more
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bpd addict... you can't get enough of crazy bitches
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sorry >.<..
bpd ppl r very clingy i think,, and require love all the time
yes i like to smell like roses and strawberry 
do u know ms dior?

i just dont like how bpd ppl can be inherently evil or bad,, i want to always be friendly and good
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we’re supposed to have more empathy but we break ppl without thinking much about it lol
the empathy part is more like we can get hurt very easily sometimes
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where do you get your dose of love wish?
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yeah I know dior, you must smell like a girl....
Replies: >>9512
how many people have you broken?
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love is everywhere, all u need to do is find the plushies that u like and try to grab them using the claw machine 
i luv it lots, i always use it ♡
thats,, not a secret, i forgot how many,.
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ppl just tend to break easily, like my ipad ;~;
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sometimes i barely get to talk to them and they would already really like me
i just said ill miss u in a friendly way here wth
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in that particular case, saying that sounds like you're saying goodbye forever for no reason
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wish... the man eater, the bunny bane, terror of the ipads
Replies: >>9521
does ur mom gives you love sometimes?
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huh oops,, i randomly say i miss u to ppl i like
waa >.< my ipad broke 3 times.. its way too expensive to keep repairing it ($400-500 each time)
yes and if i demanded it mostly like if i said i feel anxious
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why do ppl do this omg come talk with us
Replies: >>9523
if you post in my thread i'll talk to you
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is taht u 
and oki i will
*creepy ost plays bc u summoned a demon to ur thread*
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no of course not i don't use discord
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thx for clarifying 
they just said this and ignored me :<
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sleepytime so soon
also magick u need to get a good sleep schedule,, how r u going to be able to work this way,,
unless ur worktime is flexible then yay win
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I was awake because I had a fever but then I feel asleep
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need to rest lots fo make the fever go away
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i just woke up hai
Replies: >>9590
what time zone are you on?
Replies: >>9595
wish have you been having that semen taste in your mouth you mentioned, lately?
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secret but i sleepy for 12 hrs after waking up for 12-14 hrs 
nuh uh,, whyy do u ask
Replies: >>9597
because it's a weird thing to taste
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yes tahts true
and its very distracting as well
ive genuinely started believing that someone astrally does it or something
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Have you tasted your own or someone elses c000mE before Oo
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also i forgot my name bc i open a private tab to use tuxler on 4chan
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whose cum have you tasted?
⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
you lil cum guzzler
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Replies: >>9606
wish show a pic of ur cummies
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bonks u for being silly and h*rny
Replies: >>9608
why is he so shameless, what's wrong with him
Replies: >>9609
boys are horny like that
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actually I lost all my libido for 3 weeks this wednesday, because I've been sick
so shut up I'm not horny
Replies: >>9631 >>9643 >>9672
i'b sowwy
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Well Well Well, who's got the crappy immune system now?
Replies: >>9660
we should kiss so our immune systems combine and get stronger, and we should cuddle and take our zinc supplements together
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pat pat
poor magick
i also feel a bit sick
Replies: >>9673
no you don't, you just want to fit in
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i do
i havw a fever but still ate ice cream which caused me to die more
Replies: >>9694
I want ice cream now
Replies: >>9838
wish there are some vitamins thay you can only get from food
Replies: >>9696
i take l tyrosine supplements ,, waht else comes from food only
Replies: >>9697 >>9698 >>9699
too many to casually list
uhh they really are a lot of compounds that humans can't really even replicate wishe.....
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humm,, i see
time to eat well
Replies: >>9701
sex and masturbation are good exercises that burn plenty of calories
Replies: >>9702
how would u know
Replies: >>9703
I have plenty of sex with my mom
i mean your mom
Replies: >>9707
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lol no takesie-backsies
craig is going completely insane lmao
why do they draw her like that, she's not that long
just look he's so long
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what's your ex's number maybe I can convince her to give you a call or something
Replies: >>9714
stfu, honestly
i'm doing well
you know that thread was just a jevin reference right
Replies: >>9715
actually I didn't
Replies: >>9716
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wish, craig is being mean to me
he said my threads were excrement
Replies: >>9722
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dont be mean to magick wth
Replies: >>9720 >>9733
Noah I need you
Replies: >>9725
are you Noah? you must be Noah
Replies: >>9725
Noah like presence detected
Replies: >>9725
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i stole this thread from bant and they called me craig then
maybe craig is the aussie from bant that had a very similar posting style to yourself
Replies: >>9723
ew you browse bant
Replies: >>9724
no not really it's pretty shit
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pretty good thread though, she couldn't not possibly be dancing in a saucepan
Replies: >>9727
whatever craig
who the hell is craig
Replies: >>9734 >>9736
Craigslist (stylized as craigslist) is an American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, ...
Replies: >>9731
btw i have seen you bait me and noah in the archives while absent
Replies: >>9735 >>9767
i thought craigslist dealt exclusively in prostitution 
you learn something new every day
also look at this funny cat
[Hide] (14KB, 250x200)
I will literally never forgive him for that, he will rot in hell for that
Replies: >>9737
jiruposter is craig
I don't bait anyone, do you think I'm pathetic like you who needs his dose of certain people every day? I just the posts I want to make for myself and don't think about anyone else
Replies: >>9738
magick is craig
nice thumb retard
Replies: >>9744
like holy shit yes
well you're wrong
Replies: >>9741
Replies: >>9751
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do u ever talk like this
Replies: >>9746 >>9748 >>9757
forgot my text
Replies: >>9745
[Hide] (52.1KB, 454x600)
it is a thumbnail but I saved the entire image so that means the person who saved it before me was the one who saved the thumb, possibly
that's just moaning
you're asking me?
Replies: >>9749
yes u talked like that i think
Replies: >>9750
Replies: >>9752
i don't understand wish
Replies: >>9755
wish, can you be my girlfriend of 4 years? I'm actually looking for Noah or possibly tsxd but they're nowhere to be seen... please?
Replies: >>9754
stop using my name
you don't like when i use your name so don't use mine
Replies: >>9759
the image i posted doesnt have text as well so i assumed you were talking like that
Replies: >>9758
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kasumi noises
no i just forgot that i didn't actually write anything
Replies: >>9760
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don't talk to me all sternly like that, I'm sensitive and will cry
Replies: >>9761
Replies: >>9762
Replies: >>9763
why does he always think i'm flirting when i talk to other posters
Replies: >>9764
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do u like my drawinhg
Replies: >>9765
i think yandere maybe
why did you crop it like that
this is the only picture of it that i have
i lost all my drawings bc my ipad broke for the 3rd time
Replies: >>9768
stop reading my archive obsessed freak
Replies: >>9769
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that sucks
stop talking to me you fucking worm
Replies: >>9772
Replies: >>9771
did your heart skip a beat
Replies: >>9782
I'm only talking you to tell you off, saying that is as if I was shooting you and you told me to stop giving you free lead, OMG you're such a numbskull like totally clueless
Replies: >>9776
Replies: >>9778
you're so tarded
"fucking stop stalking me on the archive"
"umm akshually you're paying attention to me by saying that"
do you even realize how stupid you are
Replies: >>9779
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im a cat nya nya
Replies: >>9783
you literally follow me into threads to tell me to stop flirting with other posters
Replies: >>9780
does this mean jiruposter is magick's daughter?
Replies: >>9788
you could disappear from the face of the earth and I wouldn't mind at all
Replies: >>9784
cute cat
Replies: >>9787
ok but could you explain why you do that? because you think it's funny to pretend to act possessive?
Replies: >>9785
no I don't owe you an explanation
Replies: >>9786 >>9789
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duh duh doy
Replies: >>9789
Nya nya~
Replies: >>9790
we're all magick's daughers
[Hide] (190.2KB, 512x512)
fighting isnt allowed ever
Replies: >>9792
you're horny
[Hide] (567.7KB, 200x136)
we're not fighting this is how our foreplay always goes
Replies: >>9794
I'm sorry but do americans really name their kid "Craig"?
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080)
this is how my foreplay always goes
Replies: >>9795 >>9797
you're insane
Replies: >>9796
Replies: >>9801
the feather makes it seem like she has a huge dick
Replies: >>9798
i tried to forget this and you just reminded me of it >~<
so is wish and angelbunny the same person?
Replies: >>9802 >>9807
he got shy and took his name off
so is this horror?
Replies: >>9802
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wish is wish
nuh uh i dont think so, its just a funny and weird scene
Replies: >>9804
i don't play VNs but i've been wanting to play black souls for a while have you played that
Replies: >>9805
nuh uh but ive heard about it 
it looks cute
[Hide] (1.5MB, 638x480, 00:46)
i really like how it looks, it is an eroge though
it's likely, the neppyverse is huge
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1300x1000)
tfw neppyverse
Replies: >>9809
i think neppy did like black souls actually
i hope they aren't actually dead
Replies: >>9810
death note plot
Replies: >>9811 >>9812
what does that mean
Replies: >>9813
[Hide] (19.1KB, 445x311)
what's next wish
Replies: >>9817
[Hide] (25.3KB, 400x400)
they always ask what's next wish and not how r u wish,,
btw world domination i think
Replies: >>9818
how r u wish
Replies: >>9819
[Hide] (127.4KB, 580x435)
iim good thx for asking
Replies: >>9820
am i flirting with you
[Hide] (41.9KB, 563x510)
yes u r flirting so much way too much with me and im telling magick about this
Replies: >>9822
[Hide] (71.6KB, 960x540)
no don't please
[Hide] (49KB, 564x571)
Replies: >>9825
[Hide] (7.6KB, 224x224)
magick go sleepy
Replies: >>9826
nyaaaaaaaa don't wanna don't wanna DON'T WANNA AAAAAAAA
Replies: >>9827 >>9830
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1736x2182)
Replies: >>9828
Replies: >>9829
that's the tuck btw
[Hide] (983.7KB, 1242x1666)
[Hide] (458.6KB, 1242x1136)
little kitty doesnt wanna sleepy >.<?
surely kitty would change their mind for me right ^-^
you guys are weird
[Hide] (478.8KB, 884x578)
no, we want you to stay healthy and be well since you're sick 
u need to sleep well ASAP Now.
Replies: >>9833
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[Hide] (133.9KB, 767x1075)
Replies: >>9844
I am hungryyyy give meeee give give give
Replies: >>9846
oki u cna have
Replies: >>9848
wish, why does ur room have neon lighting, are you filming porn in there
Replies: >>9849
noo its just normal pink lights 
they make my room prettier i think
Replies: >>9850
it does look pretty
who is "wish"?
Replies: >>9857 >>9860
Joseph Kony
Replies: >>9860
You know the kind of femboy that likes dresses and turns into putty in your hands when you gift them a weeb game on steam?
The cutest!
Replies: >>9861
can I see a photograph of "wish"'s face and/or body (with their permission)
Replies: >>9864 >>9867
yes wish can we see your lewd body
Replies: >>9867
This, everybody wants to see wish
[Hide] (1MB, 1242x1621)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1242x1628)
 no way nsfw photos are for relationships only
Replies: >>9875
are you clicking circles?
Replies: >>9876
Replies: >>9878
and you have time for a boyfriend?
Replies: >>9880
magick do u remember this thread
i was clicking circles there i gained like lots of points
Replies: >>9884
[Hide] (169.7KB, 1440x1800)
im clicking far less nowadays 
it used to be like 10-14 hours/day
Replies: >>9884
are you talking about osu
Replies: >>9882
[Hide] (612.2KB, 907x1850)
Replies: >>9883
rhythm games can be pretty addictive
Replies: >>9885
in that thread you were talking from the heart and that gets you sweet pp
how do you spend your time now?
Replies: >>9885
[Hide] (346.8KB, 787x647)
yes not good
i luv sweet pp lots 
i spend most of my time with them and play games together 
but i have school soon ,, 
school makes me feel sad
the internet is weird there so i can only play osu in the library
Replies: >>9886
with who? your boyfriend?
Replies: >>9889
i mean i bring my laptop with me but most games are restricted 
i used to just bring my ipad and read manga or talk on discord with anc 
unfortunately i can only use my phone for that now
Replies: >>9893
lol yeah I was about to ask you if you even went to school
why is it sad?
Replies: >>9892
wish are you an e-dater
its not my room
i can make my room look cute and comfy but i cant do that with school
plus some ppl there are weird, flirty and talkative and some ppl know about wish and other things somehow so it gives me chills
Replies: >>9896
you can play osu offline can't you? also wtf don't you have to like do school activities when you're in the school lole
Replies: >>9894
Replies: >>9896
Waa i forgot to reply 
yes u cna play it offline 
also i do school activities when i have to 
otherwise the teachers dont mind
yeah but your room is special, not everything can be special
oh, so your classmates found out your internet identity
Replies: >>9897 >>9903
Replies: >>9900
they talk to you and flirt with you because you look like an anime girl irl and they want to cum on your socks, wish
basic stuff
Replies: >>9903
[Hide] (471KB, 604x995)
No more using this site on my phone.
you weren't doing it on purpose?
Replies: >>9903
yes im not sure who leaked my info
its not just in school it happened with a random stranger i met during acting lessons
nuh uh i clicked on it to reply then it auto posted
someone assumed that i was a cosplayer oncelol
Replies: >>9904
yeah you look like a cosplayer
wtf what did the stranger say?
Replies: >>9906
hmm I wonder if your classmates see the post you make on 4chan...
Replies: >>9907
Hi do you use 4chan
"im not sure"
like s4s 
what's your discord
"sry i have to go"
then i went home because it was the last day of acting lessons
Replies: >>9938
i once said that there was someone weird sitting behind me and they got upset
Replies: >>9908 >>9910
wait not weird i said suspicious
that's really creepy..... but it could be a coincidence maybe? because of the way you look it is easy to assume that you spend time online
did they mention the thread in any way?
Replies: >>9915
wish I'm slepepy
Replies: >>9915
[Hide] (42.4KB, 259x224)
not in that moment 
i said suspicious bc they  tried to look at wht m doing on my phone
time to get looots of sweet dreams then 
sleep and rest well magick
nyaa im also rly slepy
>Hi do you use 4chan
>"im not sure"
>like s4s 
>what's your discord
>"sry i have to go"
>then i went home because it was the last day of acting lessons
what the fuck
Replies: >>9943 >>9944
yes it was during the end of the lesson so ppl were going home and i said i have to go
sounds like a real scary creep lole
imagine wish getting raped~
Replies: >>9946 >>9948
poor little angel
you should carry around some pepper spray wish
>imagine wish getting raped~

would you say this if wish were a cis girl. there are always double standards with these things
Replies: >>9949 >>9950
the general sentiment is that women don't actually like sex and men aren't allowed to reject sex or else there's something wrong with them, even if it's nonconsensual.
Replies: >>9950 >>9951
woah there buddy i don't know nothing about that i just want to fantasize about wish getting raped
i bet it would be laughably easy to overpower him the guy lives on like one egg a day and some skittles
Replies: >>9952
women definitely like sex you are dumb
I think wish might be in highschool...
Replies: >>9953 >>9955
so you've been begging a high schooler for lewd pics?
Replies: >>9954 >>9985
no, I've been just asking
really? hasn't he been posting on [s4s] for years? you do realize you are not allowed to use 4chan if you're younger than 18 so that can't be right
Replies: >>9956
oh right I forgot the rules, the unbreakable 4chan rules that when even lightly threatened will summon valkyries to their defense, those unyielding rules
Replies: >>9957
Replies: >>9958
then wish is probably in college
[Hide] (10.8KB, 259x224)
hai good morning~
im 19
Replies: >>9964 >>9979
[Hide] (433.4KB, 787x787)
Replies: >>9966
[Hide] (25.4KB, 564x564)
im a boomer,,
[Hide] (15.6KB, 259x224)
Replies: >>9976
ilu wish
Replies: >>9986
wish stop spreading the menhera virus everywhere
Replies: >>9980
imagine stealing kurumi-chan's hoodie after she slept in it all night and taking a nice big whiff in the chest area
how do I become a menhera boy
Replies: >>9981
high schoolers should be allowed post lewd pictures if they want to
[Hide] (253.4KB, 370x300)
[Hide] (738.4KB, 1220x1100)
iitok so much dxm 
so.much lots of it
my heart js gonna stop
enkoy this old poxture of me wearing a bunny pajama alol
Replies: >>10010 >>10035
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1307x1016)
when will you stop using an iphone
Replies: >>10012
wleocke rkt welffomr to dlis5salwrmfon wwelfome5odkihtesalw4mckn wweldone tosnitesmxakmeckn qelfone tonsluken4fkzmam3ncknwelfomdntkksmek4jkssmekfm
Replies: >>10014
ujn jwbbwbwwahayvrinnchhsbsodnjhb cccc vvvvvvgghhgggffffgggggfffffdffggggfggghhtttyyuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy%yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy666666666666666666^yyy%yyyyyyyy%y66^6666666yyyyyghghhhhhyuuyuuuuuuuuhuuhuuuuuuu
are people suggestible when under the influence of dxm
Replies: >>10017 >>10036
iidint nnkw isnmi  nti dure lll
Replies: >>10018
post bussy
Replies: >>10020
?nooo  ccant do tbag   dicord discorc
Replies: >>10021
you only post your bussy on discord?
Replies: >>10022
Wish isn’t posting his pretty pink bussy because he is chicken cluck cluck cluck
soft and cuddly
not really, you're not thinking when you're on dxm you don't really even know what people are talking about
[Hide] (845.5KB, 1196x895)
hai im back to reality
thank you for you hard work
do you take dxm at night?
Replies: >>10042 >>10047
[Hide] (25.5KB, 293x336)
Is dxm all you can talk about???
Replies: >>10046
oh there goes grabbity
what do you want to talk about
yes but i dont have a preference 
i take it at day or night
Replies: >>10050
[Hide] (25.7KB, 564x564)
yesterday i took loots though and it was scary u.u
i can usually write words with dxm but not this time
i kept teleporting to other places and had no physical body, i would return to the real world for like 2 seconds maybe
Replies: >>10051
[Hide] (53.3KB, 713x1091)
[Hide] (36.2KB, 709x468)
[Hide] (394.9KB, 442x808)
[Hide] (16.2KB, 369x246)
wish dxm
what do you even do when you take it during the day? at high doses you can only lay down..
Replies: >>10052
lol how many milligrams did you take???
Replies: >>10052
[Hide] (47.2KB, 564x1002)
720mg freebase after resetting tolerance + caffeine :<
um the same as when i take it during the night, i just lay down or play video games if i was capable (i think at 400mg m capable of playing video games well)
i wouldn't take it if i had to go somewhere during the day though,, it would be obvious
Replies: >>10055 >>10056
how tall are you? that's normally a dose I take, it used to take me to fourth plateau but last time, like three months ago I took 720mg and still felt pretty mentally capable
Replies: >>10057
were you playing games with your girl/boyfriend
Replies: >>10058
i also took this dose like 2-3 months ago and i was able to write stuff, just very disassociated.. not sure what made it stronger this time,, probably one of the supplements i take
Replies: >>10059 >>10070
yes we were playing destiny 2 and trying to kill a hard boss but i became way too clingy all of a sudden so we couldnt
we defeated him like an hour ago tday yay
Replies: >>10060 >>10070
oh ok, it wasn't a monstrous dose then, but still pretty heavy
perhaps the caffeine?do you take antidepressants?
Replies: >>10061
[Hide] (293.1KB, 220x196)
why don't you like have sex or something
Replies: >>10062
nuh uh, i take 5htp though which is serotonin,, also things like magtein and caffeine can potentate dxm
Replies: >>10067
bc i thought we could finish the boss asap before dxm effects start
unfortunately it kicked in way too fast and i started teleporting
how cna u have s*x while on dxm
Replies: >>10064
idk I wouldn't trip with someone else...
Replies: >>10065
prepare to trip together, magick
and weird that you would rather trip with your partner than to make out or something
Replies: >>10068
something else that was rly weird happened though, i felt intense fear as i was taking the pills and my body tired to reject them, also for some reason they turned into powder quickly.. i still feel anxious remembering that>.>
Replies: >>10071
huh why ? its funny
i once took dxm and they took lsd then we started saying nyaa together for no reason
also u can draw cool stuff
Replies: >>10071
[Hide] (65.2KB, 118x311)
u can do lots of things with ur partner
>yes we were playing destiny 2 and trying to kill a hard boss but i became way too clingy all of a sudden so we couldnt

Replies: >>10073
that's weird, you should be without fear otherwise it could turn into a bad trip lole, maybe it was the subtle fear of taking too much?
weird, I can't imagine being that close to anybody
was ur mom home?
Replies: >>10072 >>10074
yes maybe, even though i had no reason to fear it that much,,
no she came home after around 5 hours but i was still in another dimension 
she didnt seem to be upset though cuz i woke up to find my melody journal (it was missing) with some chocolate on top of it
why cant u imagine urself being that close,, pat pat
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1242x1637)
Replies: >>10076
what is that
Replies: >>10077
wrapped chocolate
[Hide] (33.3KB, 564x564)
magick can i wrap you
Replies: >>10079
Replies: >>10081
you eat so much candy
Replies: >>10081
[Hide] (48.3KB, 563x607)
too late
i luv candy it looks cute and tastes sweet
ill feed you looots of candy and make u have the sweetest dreams
Replies: >>10082
wish you're not even menhera you seem like a pretty happy person who could lead a happy life at any point wtf
Replies: >>10084 >>10090
sex with wish
He's a riskylifestyle symbolic hedonism (but no enjoyment of the thing in itself) drugretard faggot though
<If society is insane
Replies: >>10085
ok but none of those things are in conflict with happiness, so what I said still holds true even if you're right
Replies: >>10087
They're in conflict with not being a menhera
Replies: >>10088
yeah.. but menhera sometimes implies that the person is miserable and wish is happy
Replies: >>10089
he cuts himself
if u also search menhera/jirai kei accounts on social media, they seem to try to lead a happy lifestyle, going out to play rhythm games in arcades and win plushies,,
or going to host clubs etc
iunno,, its hard to tell they're menhera when they act like this,,
do you want to be like that?
Replies: >>10095
why do you cut urself wish???
Replies: >>10095
[Hide] (89KB, 425x496)
im not sure..
things get tiring sometimes
i think its more about the mentality
i was wayy worse a few years ago
i think ill be a bit fine if i keep taking my supplements,,
im way too bpd to function normally..
i want to be an elegant princess but theres no way that could happen as long as im very mentally ill
i just dont know what to do sometimes..
i try to sound positive and happy bc its happy to do that,,
but i just dont really know
Replies: >>10104
what to do
this is the longest thread on sluts4sale
Replies: >>10098
[Hide] (39.5KB, 500x500)
Replies: >>10099
wow what do i say to that
Replies: >>10100
its a present
Replies: >>10102
i wonder how it would feel to have sex with wish
[Hide] (60.1KB, 749x985)
thanks bro thanks for the piss
Replies: >>10427
you're a very elegant princess
Replies: >>10105
yay yay
Replies: >>10107
it's okay if you don't know what to do
im more elegant
i need to sleep
Replies: >>10110 >>10111
me too
Replies: >>10111
[Hide] (535.1KB, 978x1066)
time for both of u to get some sweet dreams ♡
Replies: >>10119
[Hide] (7.8MB, 1280x720, 00:44)
Replies: >>10123 >>10435
Replies: >>10126
i have another one but it's not as good
Replies: >>10127
the one u posted is sooo good
Replies: >>10129
[Hide] (9.3MB, 1280x720, 01:36)
Replies: >>10130
subahibi fans
[Hide] (321.3KB, 932x1221)
they r removing LINE avatars
Replies: >>10165 >>10178
so much
doping gamer goes insane
Replies: >>10259
happy birthday
Replies: >>10265
[Hide] (314.9KB, 778x1256)
Replies: >>10266
the first time i heard the term faraday cage was from a guy that constructed one in his room because he was convinced the cia was remotely mind controlling him via electromagnetic waves
what i wish for
wish denied
one more nightmare and im talking to the ceo of dreams
Replies: >>10286
what did you dream about
Replies: >>10288
i forgot all of them but i dont feel good u.u
do you think he's upset
[Hide] (476.3KB, 1079x1418)
wish big shot
Replies: >>10356
What's so big shot about Wish?
Replies: >>10357
he made a thread where he was just talking like spamton
pretty dorky
>.< spamton is cute
Replies: >>10367 >>10369
Grrr grrrrr i  Hate greentext GRr
[Hide] (150.1KB, 555x567)
Replies: >>10377
[Hide] (117.4KB, 910x960)
4 sale sluts.  4 sale.  Sluts 4 save slutz.  4 sale sluts 4. Sale lutz 5 sale sluts 5 sale slush 4 sale
Get the new Apple iWhsh only $1999.99.
Replies: >>10390 >>10391
[Hide] (1.9MB, 498x437)
I want it
does it come preinstalled with wish's reaction images and ankle pics? if not no buy :(
[Hide] (149.9KB, 750x750)
Replies: >>10412
why pout
Replies: >>10415
[Hide] (49KB, 400x400)
they will include only a few reaction images and ankle pictures,, they will add more only when the next model releases,, they called it “business”,, sorry
[Hide] (571.2KB, 1071x1429)
wish has a cute asian milf mommy
Replies: >>10428
wish why are you in a gay discord with an O9A sonnenrad guy
cute boystache
Replies: >>10428
mommy issues
glasses are cute
[Hide] (10.2KB, 120x219)
shes fuckin dat SHIT
Replies: >>10437
[Hide] (194.9KB, 2298x1149)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1280x720, 00:39)
Replies: >>10482
[Hide] (503KB, 1242x748)
i kept trying to access the site in the dream world but it didnt connect for some reason
Replies: >>10477 >>10479
when did you get this? 
i was updating the board software some 10-12 hours ago which made the site intermittently go down
Replies: >>10492
what if you wanted to connect to SLUTS4SALE. COM in your dreams but yahweh said 502 BAD GATEWAY
[Hide] (1.3MB, 480x336, 00:15)
Replies: >>10489
lol what the hell
in my dream
[Hide] (476.3KB, 1079x1418)
Replies: >>10497
hi magick
Replies: >>10498
I love Magick (he's my little churro)
Replies: >>10499
where have you been
Replies: >>10500
I love you Magick, if you ever need me say my name out loud three times and I will come.
Replies: >>10503
>I will come.
please record yourself while so doing and upload the MP4 file to this web site
[Hide] (113.4KB, 744x345)
s4s vanity link
Replies: >>10553
[Hide] (312.3KB, 640x360, 00:07)
You know what time it is? 
It is time to bump this same gay thread all over again
[Hide] (94.7KB, 1000x750, 00:12)
[Hide] (92.8KB, 810x814)
I joined and it seems to be entirely bots spamming.
Replies: >>10556
the raid ppl got banned
[Hide] (690.8KB, 480x270)
>>10544 (dubs)
good job
Replies: >>27232
it was decided to kill the server
Replies: >>27232
[Hide] (47.8KB, 736x736)
Replies: >>27225
whyd you do that for
Replies: >>27246
because dead
[Hide] (53KB, 1080x1070)
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