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New Asanagi doujin has been translated into every language other than English. 
MAGICK!!!! here's the Spanish version. Translate it into English for me you lazy dog.
>man with literally one 4/10 doujin that's still his best work by twelve miles
who cares lmao
What the fuck I've just found an English version. Why doesn't sadpanda have it???
>Why doesn't sadpanda have it
Why would it?
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Sadpanda has everything
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>Sadpanda has everything
Evidently not lol
Magick, Magick please save me from this naughty anon
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never seen magick use spanish 
i bet he isn't even mexican
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You didn't look hard enough then
yucky orbiters
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His doujins are just sad. It's funny as you're reading them, but depressing once it sets in. His characters give off the same energy as looking at a crackhouse full of dying addicts, and I guess that doesn't exactly help to get me off no matter how attractive the addicts look.
Admittedly I don't remember his stuff well enough to know if this one is that bad or not, but it's there.
What happens once they get old and just can't really enjoy sex anymore? They'd have nothing left as their entire lives revolve around sex. I wouldn't know about how much sex addiction fades away as you get older, but I bet it does to a certain amount.
Will the reality of the abortions they were told they'd have to get and pay for by themselves each time ever set? Alongside that, any sense of guilt from ruining the MC's life? I just imagine the girls would grow more and more miserable once they stop being hot and how shitty their lives really are starts to sink in. 
It does say that they simply forgot what they did to him, but come on, lol. Either way, it'd come back as their sex craze withers and they have thoughts about how their life got where it did.
Forget the girls, will the MC's fury from having his entire future taken away by his sister ever get unleashed in a form other than hardcore sex? 
Reading the lore at the end, the motivation to gut these whores definitely is there. The MC was doing perfect and really could've made something of himself until his sister sabotaged him during his most important day. (Why couldn't he do okay for himself despite school not working out if he was that much of a prodigy? I dunno, Japan.)
So, who's to say he won't just kill the two retards once he gets bored of fucking them when they get old and ugly, since he's completely convinced that his hypnosis works and he has nothing to lose? He already commands them to die while fucking them, so, yeah.
Just makes this a tad bit more dark when you notice that it's definitely a future murder and suicide.
Overall, I can't get off to the proportions he draws either way.

Asanagi drinking game:
Somebody gets amputated.
Somebody gets told to die as they're being fucked.
I can't think of any more at the moment.
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so what kind of things do you like then
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why are all of your posts essay length i don't have time to read all that
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it's due to a deeply rooted fear of rejection
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Completely consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.
You scroll through a huge combined pile of garbage on the internet every day but don't have the time for my singular large piece of garbage?
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yes that's what i'm saying
what an epic meme never heard that one how hilarious
how about a genuine answer
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couldnt you just take the unfunny meme and go
talking on the internet about what i find hot makes me feel like im confessing murder to a priest
not that im even much of a deviant
liking feet is as far as it goes for me but only if its covered in cloth and is drawn smooth, that shit they draw that looks like a bombed airfield makes me wanna puke
which cant be considered that weird honestly cause its just another part of the human body and ur brain is kind of wired to like it if you look up about it
though irl i find feet to be very disgusting so i guess im not one to speak there
and i literally cant get attracted to anything other than 2d but that goes without saying
other than that i primarily just like plain stuff like pic related, the shit meme isnt that far from the truth. i never could get turned on by naked bodies or sex itself even, irl its repulsive to me and in 2d its just unattractive to look at so i enjoy fully clothed with a pose i like much more than anything outwardly sexual. i do play sex out in my imagination but i just dont like depictions of it ig. some exceptions, like i find leglocking nice because it means she really wants you and all
if the character is cute and the artstyle is good then thats enough for me to pull the rest with my imagination, and most of the time not even because just the image is enough
not that i get turned on whenever i see non-sexual images like picrel but there are ones that simply click. it just works
idk if thats weird. i guess you could say its vanilla to the point where its strange but eh. sometimes i think to myself the artist surely never intended for anybody to masturbate to this but here i am doing it, and i guess that in itself makes it a bit weird.
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nigger you might be gay
>2d its just unattractive to look at
What about 2d grilles doing gay things to each other?
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am i misunderstanding something or are you seriously saying you masturbate to non-sexual images like the ones you posted?
what a fucking freak
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>you might be gay
is it a buffer overflow of straightness that makes me gay
>What about 2d grilles doing gay things to each other?
on paper i should like yuri that way
i think its aesthetically pleasing when its subtle, plus now and then i just find it comfy to have thoughts of mild yuri between characters i like, not to get my dick hard but just cause its relaxing to imagine while laying down idk
but yeah i cant get off to it and even that much is limited to my imagination, looking at images of yuri i dont feel anything just like with sex
the thing is its just too much sugar
i do like sugar
but if i put too much of it in my tea then thats still gonna make me not enjoy it
a single girl or two girls in the same image without clear yuri is an okay amount of sugar for me but once it gets to obvious yuri territory, despite not thinking its bad i simply dont feel anything from it. >>10224 for example, i like looking at it but it doesnt evoke anything. if they were just laying down together then i think itd be to my taste then, but thats too down the line. that leglock is nice though its exactly what i meant. i also just noticed the black-haired one has a side-hairbun and that deducts points for me cause its not as good as straight hair. plus i think i only like yuri when both the girls are flat-chested and similar in physique so the titty monster is also a no-no
maybe its just that any depiction of extreme intimacy makes me not be able to get into it. cause id much rather imagine myself doing that than looking at them do it. so ig its hard to place urself in there when its yuri. if its just two grills hugging or laying down alongside then thats more of my thing, but again nothing i can get off to, its just pleasing and i can place myself there still
maybe it goes deeper than that and i would like to place myself in there when its more intimate but its just that theyre 2d girls and it reminds me that im not one. but im going to climb out of that hole before i get too far down
dont make me post about my feelings or you get incoherent babble like this
it cant be that weird
Replies: >>10228 >>10235
it is pretty weird
masturbating to non-sexual images  comes off as quite deviant even if it doesn't seem so at face value
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i guess its weird but i wouldnt say its pretty weird, those are two different levels. im gonna say i can get off without being labeled freak
idk i just like 2d grills too much so its enough for me even if its non-sexual
thats all cause i need to wake up to skip class tomorrow
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>i think i only like yuri when both the girls are flat-chested and similar in physique
For reference, that's a gay girl clinging to her mom
>so ig its hard to place urself in there when its yuri
>id much rather imagine myself doing that than looking at them do it
So like this sort of presenting type dross?
>maybe it goes deeper than that and i would like to place myself in there when its more intimate but its just that theyre 2d girls and it reminds me that im not one
what are you doing on the internet if you're not a gay little fictional grille?
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>So like this
ya but i cant get off to panties (good reason for it) nor bare butts, so that pose doesnt often work for me. pantyhose is alright though. 
so more like picrel
>what are you doing on the internet if
shit cover blown
ill just infiltrate the next altchan over and happily keep being among glags
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probably 50% of their catalog has been scrubbed in the last 10 years, i don't even bother logging in anymore because all my old favorites are gone, plus even places like nhentai and have the saucy stuff like ryona and necro fanbox stuff that I'm sure gets DMCA'd off sadpanda.
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