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order one pizza and get TWO for FREE !!!
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>>20507 (OP) 
can i add cum as a topping ?? wait owa im hallucinating from stims i thought they were only subtliy working
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boys who love histrionic men
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thats so homosexual its so hot
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tell me about the time your mom walked on you jacking off on voice chat or something like that
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not me, so i was on dxm 1g and someone was being horny ondiscord so i was like yea ok then he asked me for nudes and i sent then he voice chatted me and started jacking off in vc and my headsets (open) were on full volume while i was disassosciating from my body then HIS mother walked in on him masturbating and i heard them argue, my mother came in while i was cutting myself (epic fail cuz of dxm)
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wow wish you're like a public access whore for all losers to use, most people even promiscuous people have at least some standards
it's weirdly cute how you talk like a kid with an ipad sometime lol
how tf do you even manage to cut yourself while on DXM, pain ruins the dissociation
you could really hurt yourself
what did she do?
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once i was on 1g again and i called my mother for 40 minutes talking to her about expensive ice cream and justify why theyre expensive, then i puked on my bed and she asked me if im ok and i said wait brb i have to fght the boss 
it actually is i become incredibly childish yet vulnerable and also loving with dxm if i had my ipad around ^^
yes lol, i said epic fail because i cut way too deep it no longer looked cute, she was like wtf ru d oing and im like @_@ ? ?? ? ? then i went like sry wait and cleaned up the blood while she was praying for me to die in the next room
i couldnt feel the pain at all
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i feel like ur on ur "ADHD Meds" too magick
drugs r bad
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when i take lots of dxm i sometimes say nothing (first screenshot) 
sometimes i do talk (2nd screenshot)
the best amount of dxm for me to be what i described above is just around 450mg, then i can talk and be good
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in my eyes though i was talking in the first screenshot lol
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wish i cuold share research Chems with magick bc its not drugs so ya im so good and nice
how small are you? I have to take 600mg to reach third plateau, most of the time I take 750mg and I don't even have as much tolerance as you must have
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do u ever get that feeling that ur organs are talking among each other and they all have different personalities
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how do you know she was praying for your death? maybe she was praying for you to stop cutting and being insane
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but most importantly will it blend?
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i do lol have u ever thought that one of ur organs is going to punch the other one due to an argument
THo magicky magick do take probiotics and tell me how u feel afterwards
im so small u cna easily crush me
also dxm activates within like 4~5 minutes for me for some reason, i migth just be sensitive to dxm ?
um she always does that lol but later on says "its bc i luv u" 
yes lets place things in the blender together and check out if it'll blend :3
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last time (>>10678620)  you said the ice cream conversation was 30 min long, now ur saying it was 40 min long 
which one is it
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forgive me magick i honestly dont know but it was very very long so 30~40 mins, but not over an hour, it was an estimation i didnt mean to lie.. please forgive me magick forgive me i didnt mean to lie i didnt mean to i didntm ena to nooooooo kyaaaa ;_;
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ya so anyway if i took dxm and u had a discord i would probably message u then u wouldnt be online becaues b arely log in to discord forsomereason then id be sad and stalk you until you die because thats how bpd works i think if i made you my fp
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i stayed up for 5 days earlier this week then i had to go to school and while walking normally i randomly stumbled (on nothing) and twisted my leg + made it get a deep owchie so i messaged my teacher that i couldnt come to class (ithink she thougth im lying and banned me im not sure) then i opened google maps and googled the nearest alcohol location but i went home instead because i was a bit sleepy, i didnt sleep and wanted to order alcohol again so i went out and bought niacin from a supplement store, then refunded it to buy 1000 ppill niacin from amazon instead
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what's an fp
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i wont tell you that lol
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i took a nude phioto that had my boobs in them yesterday and im derealizing  wtf
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yes sometimes organs fight
sometimes I feel like I'm literally seeing through my eyelids even though I'm not and then I see everything that's in the world
do u think she loves u
I just run out of things to say and I can never relate to anyone 
why do much niacin?? you're afraid of death? lol loserrr
I haven't slept either wtf
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post it
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u probably looked so stupid lol
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mhm mhm tahtsss whyy u shuold listen to wishe and get probiotics it'll help,,!!!!!!!!
i think she loves me but i really, reallyd islike her npd
>I just run out of things to say and I can never relate to anyone 
ur sucha silly dummy thats because u just talked to ppl that also most likely didnt talk as much OR cant convo well., if i talk to someone, no matter who, i could talk to them for 12 hours everyday and they'd never get bored 
>>why do much niacin?? you're afraid of death? lol loserrr
you big baka silly dum its not because im afraid to die lol, i take it because its apparently good for mental health and im rly trying to minimize all bpd side effects, its been weeks since i last argued
Aaaaaa but i dont like it , having boobs is making me eat far less 
in the past 7 days i ate the following: 1x sardine 1x takis 
DEFINE stupid
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ok ya it did look dumb because i was close to the camera so it msde me look fat which is makinh me want to eat less even more
anywayy not eating is fine,if i reached 45kg again ill force myself to eat or wait until 37 to make a funny scale picture
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how csn i be cute and homosexual if i have boobs
they need to go. asap wtfTAf
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what the FUCK
you're hot
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were you wearing a choker
Replies: >>20544
what the ffuck
why are they so firm and spongy 
you have better boobs than many girls you look so hot
Replies: >>20544
damn that shit really works
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mhm it looks weird bc its the electric one, i upgraded the collar for it to wear pretty much 24 7
AWAWAWA (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
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black hole
Replies: >>20548
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with clothes i look way more normal
a few months old picture of my tummy, it looke fat -_-
ill take cool photos when i finish losing tha weight
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what kind of probiotics
Replies: >>20549
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i recommend anything fromn swanson, hold on
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it doesn't look that fat it just looks like a girl tummy wtf why don't you have any hair aren't you a boy
you look like a girl in the last pic, do people misgender you
Replies: >>20553
but what for
Replies: >>20552
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magick dont question it nd trust me.
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they do, i gave up on correcting that this year
i only started hrt when i was 17 but i was still misgendered when i started growing my hair more
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>no hair
its over for homosexual romance.
Replies: >>20556
did you enjoy being a boy back then
Replies: >>20557
ur literally a girl, look at your stupid nails
they look so pretty wtf
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i stilll dooooo
aaaaa too mujch praise, ur gonna kill me magick..
@_@; <3
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magick dont forget about the probiotics, pretty please~
ur a girl
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do U like girls or boys more
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I guess girls
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ooooooh yea im a girl mhm nod nod
*paints them black*
Replies: >>20564
how did u know
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magick magick im going to play rhythm games now, buy the probiotics if u wanna be a very good boy.
lets just say that i didnt paint them black there because i wanted to tease you in what would have been perfect for u

sleep soon or ull be in silly delirium
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MAGICK do u like taiko
i play it with a mouse/two buttons because its funnie thta way
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i used to play it a lot but i think ill return to normal osu
ive been playing mania alternatives like djmax and sixtar , miku colorful stage nd i miss normal osu!!
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keep the boob incident secret
also buy the probiotic. buy it now. u want to buy it sooo much u want to so bad
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