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I found out the way I fap my pebis is considered feminine, i just rub my frenulum like a cl*t under my clothes most of the time instead of jerking it, apparently most guys don't spasm and have full body twitching whimpering orgasms that last a whole minute either.
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do you ejaculate into your underwear
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>>8154 (OP) 
That's basically howe I fap my bepis. Can only edge with stroking. To achieve an orgasm, I have to hump my hand.
no, I use a tissue or c**m in my hands so I can keep rubbing my frenulum, doing it in my underwear would get gross pretty fast, even if you wash them promptly theyll still get crusty and awful, pls don't ask why I know this

I've found I can extend the post-orgssm spasms for a while afterwards if I tweak my niplels too
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just buy some expendable underwear for the purpose of ejaculating in them
be free
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i should try this
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you're gonna c**m in your underwear?
perverted thread, admin must be a mega pervert if he made a board specifically for hosting perverts
>>8154 (OP) 
OP here, sometimes my niplels tingle during the climax and i really really wish I had someone to tweak them both while I'm spasming because I'm busy with both hands uuuuuuuu
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What if someone covered your mouth with one hand and played with your nipple using the other hand?
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that'd be really nice, pls tweak both my niplels when the actual orgasm hits tho
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this is esfores
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there probably exists technology for this
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Taping vibe eggs to my niplels seems less than spontaneous and my fap sesshes usually are.

I've been trying to play with my b**les but they're too sensitive, waaay too sensitive, they'll hurt if I do anything with them, I'll feel a soreness in the sperm tubes going waaay up into my abdomen if I try anything.
How do people manage to do stuff like shove their t*stickers back into their body for stuff like tucking wtf
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I've done this too, the c**m shots will ooze out of the fabric and oftentimes launch pretty far, it doesn't stop anything and still makes a mess.
I just hurt my t*stickers again owww
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