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Why haven't you updated jschan yet?

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wanted to say because ever since i started working i lost the willpower to do anything but now that i think about i didn't really keep it up to date even when i was a neet

i don't think there are any client facing changes in the newer versions anyway.....

imageboards have known exploits with the deep circle you might want to update
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There are a few niceties for admin-kun and the mods to include much better filters, along with a major localization update. Live post updates are slightly less wonky too.

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>>16646 bloat this site never needed cope
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SEETHE the update is mandatory
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>>16649 caps cruse mode for malding + cry about it + glownigger that works for (((tom))) and (((big tech))) cant cope + you will hang rude kike

when were u last neet did u run multiple imageboards
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i guess i will try to get around to it... eventually... 

i don't think anyone cares enough about this place for this to be a concern 

so yeah no real client facing changes, i think jschan pretty much has everything you'd want from an imageboard software at this point, the only thing i could think of is maybe being able to customize navbar elements from the web-ui for convenience sake 

i technically "run" two imageboards now as well but for the other one i basically don't do anything other than check on it like once a month just to see if the server is still running lole
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>customize navbar elements from the web-ui for convenience sake 
piss easy to do, just learn a little about pug and start editing navbar.pug
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i obviously did that already....
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why would you want to do it via a web ui, then?

i meant in the last 3 months but ok
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