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caught my live-in onahole doing naughty things again...

sigh back into the chastity cage she goes...
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Give it surgically induced erectile dysfunction
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that would make the cage kind of pointless
you can overmilk it to the same effect
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>>10402 (OP) 
my threade...
it only got two replies before it was cruelly deleted...
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idk sounds to me like jannies did something right once by filtering shit faggot larp threads
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trolled hard
If you wait 6 hours you'll have enough fluids to make a proper c**mshot.
The alternative is lowering libedo with something like finasteride, ppl take it to reverse their hair loss but it's also a t-blocker at high enough dosages.
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you can also literally empty their balls, it's brutal for the body
I wanna try finasteride because I think my hair is thinning but doctors here only proscribe it if you have an enlarged prostate
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men deserve to be bald
I love Magick, he's my little cueball.
I don't know how it is in other countries, but in the US you can get it after a virtual consultation through online pharmacies, they have a conflict of interest because they're paid by the pharmacy and they'll always give you fin if you ask.
I'm sure it's also possible to get fin through the same channels that trannies use to get their online gray market and very much not a scheduled drug estrogen and t-blockers but I wouldn't know anything about that lole.
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>but in the US you can get it after a virtual consultation through online pharmacies
I ordered my estrogen from They also sell dutasteride. (I'm not trans though. I was just trying it out for fun.)
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Why are you taking estrogen anon?
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For fun
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did your libedo go away?
don't skimp on the deets
i want soft skin too but I'm scared of actually turning into a girl and having the mindfog and breakdown of male thought processes that so many mtfs complain about
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