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California just made it illegal to sell products at different prices if they're marketed toward women, and women's clothes always cost more than men's clothes, the price of girls clothes will go down or the price of men's clothes will go up, either way, buying girls clothes will become the more economical option in these trying times but only if u live in California lole
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>>8921 (OP) 
>women's clothes always cost more than men's clothes
are you sure
i would be ready to pay triple if i could wear more than shirts and pants
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>>8921 (OP) 
Sounds pretty based to me
what kind of clothes would you like to be socially acceptable for men to wear
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molten lava
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idk why everybody doesnt just go out with pyjamas
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why bother? my fate is sealed until fashion gets an overhaul patch
your neighbors do

they kinda do already, haven't you seen people go out with just a hoodie and hoodie pants and athletic shoes?
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i feel so jealous of teengars for wearing it well
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do i look hip?
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Are tshirts for women sized any differently than tshirts for men?
I don't wanna buy something online and then find out it wont fit me, they have weird sizes too like 1X which apparently isn't equivalent to men's XL? idk
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they have different size categories depending on how rubenesque your figure is
How is a man going to fill the breast compartment of that dress?
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through determination
baggies of dope
>>8921 (OP) 
I don't get it, why is he carrying pads?
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because the artist is an epic memester
Maybe he got a sweet sponsorship deal q
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but they thought he was a gorler lole
for you
you got deleted again
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no actually i have never seen that in my life here
astolfo expels blood from his uterus through his vagina every month!
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doesn't look right
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if only this were official then this shitty ass character would have 3 pages on gelbooru max
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say his name

you didn't forget did you?
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what's that tent in that girl's pants?
astolfo is shit for birds
the real legendary astolfo was shit too
he was a comic relief character
he couldn't wield a lance to save his life
"lancer" my ass
he lost all the tournaments
his only saving grace was being cute
this is not a joke
this is not a fate thing
this is the real astolfo from carlovingian legend
it's fucking disgusting
wanna hear about his exploits as a straight femboy?
he simped for the wrong woman and she turned him into a fucking tree
what a fucking moron
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epic prank
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I only know Alexander's name because he shows up in   that one doujin where gudao has him as his side bitch while cheating on astolfo after putting a chastity spell on him for being too horny.

Btw I'm gonna post it!
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