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I had a dream this morning about being a cute anime girl and having dresses picked out for me. It felt pretty nice.
i had a dream about being arrested. i had a lot of paraphernalia in my backpack, but it fell down the side of a cliff, so i tried to dive after it, but the cliff led to a river, and there just so happened to be a patrol boat  down there that heard my backpack clanging. i got my stuff and ran, but not before being confronted by a police officer telling me that he was going to search my bag, so i panicked and tried to flee again, but he caught up with me and arrested me. i ended up in a holding cell. my door was somehow unlocked, but the person guarding me was walking up and down the hallway full of cells. he stopped to talk to someone in a cell, so i took my chance and ran out through the front door. i kept running, but it felt like i was weighed down by something. the outside of the prison was pretty flat too, so i had to run to the rocks and bushes scattered about so they'd conceal me from any prison guards' line of sight. i made it to town, but the prison guard had somehow caught up. i tried to hide in a little cubby the houses' architecture made, but i could see people inside, so i went and ran to a house that was somehow unlocked and unoccupied, and tried to hide there, but two prison guards started knocking on the front door. i thought to escape out the back, but i woke up.
i never have interesting dreams..
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