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gosh anon your sucha loser
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the animales are girlfrieds
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>>5234 (OP) 
nice try C.I.A
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what is the bune wearing there
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I love you Magick, you're my little conejo en adobo
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it's a harness for taking walks
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can you actually walk a bunny
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apparently you can, but I don't see how it would be enjoyable for the rabbit, as they prefer to explore on their own 
maybe it is like walking a cat and you have to drag them everywhere
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I wish rabites were real
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sum bunes absolutely will walk alongside you like a dog but usually what yuo do is take them in a carrier to a place that's safe for them to be and let them do whatever they want at their pace while you follow along with the harness on just in case
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RIP :__;7
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um weird, I have my rabbits roam free on my backyard but I own a big piece of land and I've always wanted to just tie them to a tree there and let them explore 
I guess I'm going to do that because that piece of land is safe but it is big and I don't want them to get lost, so I'm going to put them in a harness lol
that's the way rabbits sleep, sometimes they keep one eye open lol
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forgot my name
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yes if u hav big land for bunnies to roam that's better than taking them out in public it sounds nice :)
i'd still keep the leash in hand rather than tie it to a tree though since if they get spooked by a bird's shadow or a noise or something they might try to bolt and injure themselves some people say u shouldn't use harnesses at all because they can hurt or even kill the bune if they strain too hard against it and some harnesses aren't made very well and put too much pressure on their bodies even if they aren't straining so u have to bne extra careful
bunnies are such fragile little buns u want to let them play outside and watching them frolic in the grass is so cute but pretty much everything can hurt them :c
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Why are they so fragile?
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>>5234 (OP) 
>gosh anon your sucha loser
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bunnies are designed to live fast and die hard. their skeletal structure is very fragile and prone to breaking, their skin is thin, their ears are prone to infection, they are very sensitive to cold and can easily die of hypothermia, they're obligate nose breathers so respiratory diseases can easily become fatal, their digestive system needs to be constantly moving and if it stops they might develop GI stasis and die, if they eat too much of anything except grass they might develop GI stasis and die, they can't vomit so if they eat anything they can't digest they might develop GI stasis and die, etc. health issues also often compound on one another. their teeth constantly grow, so if they aren't constantly chewing they might grow too big and cut into the gums making it impossible to eat, and if they stop eating for too long that can change the balance of bacteria in their gut which they use to ferment the grass they eat so undigestible matter will build up in their intestines which might cause them to develop GI stasis and die. girl bunnies also have a high risk of uterine cancer, with 70% of unspayed females over the age of 4 developing tumors.

none of this matters for the species as a whole though since they reach maturity at such a young age and have such large and frequent litters. wild european rabbits rarely live longer than a year, but by that point they've already had a dozen or two babies so all their fragile genes pass on and there's no pressure to become more sturdy. the system as a whole works extremely well but life for individual rabbits is hard :(
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life failure extreme despair
this is so sade....
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