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What le h*ck is her problem?
how come the thread  isn't deleted yet? have mods actually stopped being dicks or are they just so retarded they think it's someone else? also do you think neppy's male relatives regularly force themselves on him?
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I don't think neppy would have turned out like he did if he had ANY men in his life.
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according to that thread he at least has a male cousin that apparently likes to smell him...  

also a "guardian" that's buying him a laptop, he mentioned his mom buying him stuff before so that probably means it's his stepdad 
do you think he raped him and how he's being blackmailed by neppy into buying  him expensive consumer electronics for his silence/more sex?
Munch left. She's the mod. 
Taco Kid has returned too because she isn't there to ban him.
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I still get banned on sight
well it's deleted now alongside like two pages worth of threads
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If The Faggots Didn't Want Hitler To Solve Them They Shouldn't Have Been Destroying Civilization

Your Fortune: You Do Not Wanna Know
Neppy's first kiss was his dad
Sorry for mentioning munch, she must have seen this thread and deleted all those threads to prove she is not the mod.
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