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Ok which one of you was this?
I can't even escape you weirdos on /g/.
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testosterone is a neurotoxin
it's obviously the 100% straight hetero guy that just happens to take female hormones
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and do jelqing because it's an ego thing
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One more reason not to take HRT, who would want  to become dependent on the affection of others?
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You act as if men don't like attention from the opposite sex.
Men act the way they do because they literally don't get enough attention while women get far too much and can afford to act like a horrible person because it won't make them lose social currency.
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What is it like to have feelings ?
The mods on [s4s] always pulled my threads to /r9k/. That means i am a robot
>>4452 (OP) 
I dont take hrt, but i follow some circles with this ilk
The from solitary schizoid part to suddenly wanting attention applies to me though and i think it's the memes they post
>>4452 (OP) 
lol I was the one who posted about this here (and it is true, at least for me and some others) and it definitely does sound uncannily like they had my post in mind when writing that

the flip side to it though is sometimes I kind of like or prefer being a solitary schizoid. there are advantages to being either kind of person. it's good to experience a broad range of human experience and decide for yourself what you want
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>it's obviously the 100% straight hetero guy that just happens to take female hormones
>and do jelqing because it's an ego thing

I'm >>4551 and the first anon, not the jelqing one, and I didn't write this /g/ post and haven't even used /g/ in a while. it does sound like someone who had read my post though
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shut up and post tummy
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slut4sale poster spotted again on /g/!
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someone should invite all the programming socks wearing boys here
what a little slut
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>spending time with people is rewarding when they're sexually attracted to you
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actually it's probably even simpler than that: spending time with people is rewarding when you feel attractive
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