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If munch isn't a mod why does she keep doing this?
Replies: >>3170 >>4723
I softly chuckled when your post vaporized in like 5 seconds after being posted
>>3160 (OP) 
I'm yet to get a post of mine personally deleted and i switch from genuine niceposting to occasionally tearing other anons up especially if they seem off place from the rest of [s4s]
Im not a namefig and I wonder if munch can see my IP, knows its me and chooses just not to hit me with the shadowban stick
Replies: >>3171 >>3270
I even got my range IP ban lifted when I bitched about it in a post, the ban wasn't caused by me of course but it mysteriously disappeared after that
Could be just a coincidence that ban was there for a long time
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We're halfway down page 10! No more picking cotton. We almost free!
Replies: >>3189 >>3766
Do you think the thread wasn't deleted because munch posted in it?
Replies: >>3190
Something is definitely very sus here. Maybe mods are still sleeping. There were 3 deleted posts in the archive since the thread was created.
Replies: >>3194
Munch saw this thread and decided not to delete your thread to avoid further accusations of being a mod.
I've noticed how many threads and posts on esfores lately get deleted and how many people get banned for no discernible reason, and how it's killing the board's activity and culture and allowing the boring edgy chuds from /pol/ to invade
I'd be kind of horrified if she could see all my posts by IP since then she'd be able to connect all my posts to one person and I've told her some pretty embarrassing stuff plus I'm a namefig
Replies: >>3272
Munch tracks info on you in an excel spreadsheet
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She's not a mod btw.
Replies: >>3460 >>3461
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The first one was christian classical music anon. He deletes his own posts because he often finds them to be cringe. That just makes it even more cringe. I even told him that they're still on the archive. 
The other two were deleted by "the lookout" though.
if you actually try to complain on irc you'll just get banned by yournamehere for "whining"
Also, Yuji Sakai invading every other thread with his Katie Peach succubus tulpa larp. The first thread or two was pretty good. Now it's getting very old and dull fast. Mods aren't going to lift a finger.
Replies: >>3464
Yuji Sakai (current version) is munch.
Replies: >>3469
A lot of "his" rants about the history and current state of [s4s] have been pretty on point. Although it always comes with some kind of bullshit tacked on. It is also very "out of character" for him to diss munch as they now have all of that "lore" together.
Munch isn't a mod indeed, but she has some obident dog simping for her, who does her bidding.
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Oh shit, Yuji's posts have actually been wiped!
Replies: >>3535
An attempt to subvert the truth as a direct response to the allegation posted in this thread that munch is yuji.
Replies: >>3537
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Honk honk!
Replies: >>3538 >>3540
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The ban was probably for posting this classic.
Fucking mods don't give a shit about [s4s]'s true roots.
Replies: >>3540
where did you get this picture?
Replies: >>3542
It was part of Yuji's Katie Peach succubus tulpa larp.
Replies: >>3544
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thank god for a moment i thought you are yuji sakai
Replies: >>3551
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s4s is dead indeed
Replies: >>3552
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>>3544 (dubs
thats why im glad this site exists as gay as it is, i always asked and wondered what the fuck are we gonna do if 4chan goes down and takes [s4s] with it
Replies: >>3629
>yuji actually got the ban
dude wtf [s4s] is actually kill
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back shitposting and banevading on anime forums
Replies: >>3630
hi cutie
Replies: >>3697
Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. [More Info]
4chan Pass users can bypass this block. [Learn More]
Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. [More Info]
4chan Pass users can bypass this block. [Learn More]
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hi magick
Replies: >>3698 >>3701
Magick is my little churro.
lol you are a cutie
Replies: >>3728
Magick is MY little churro.
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This thread really got to Munch, she's having a breakdown in her necrobump paper thread.
[Hide] (121.4KB, 850x1275)
I don't get why is she seething over this dumpster of a board that she barely joined two years ago.
And bruh the [s4s] experience I know (and many oldfags could probably agree with me) is having someone tell you to kill yourself/random schizo shit in the first 5 posts of your thread. It's always been a shit board idk what's she's on
Replies: >>3737 >>3738 >>3740
Literal mental illness
Half the fun of being a namefig is arguing with haters. Trying to come up with cunning edgy responses keeps me young and on my toes. She's just mad that all she has is darkcel-chan and a bunch of stale pastas. Also, What happened to Kevin?
Munch is replying to every thread with a short reply in an attempt to distract herself from the rage and anxiety welling up inside of her.
dude i have no idea what munch is doing we must merge the timelines

all i know is the world is going bat fuck insane and i felt like trolling a dead board being the ony human in the room
Replies: >>3820
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I said that post was going down and it didn't go down
is reverse psychology the answer here?
Random fact you may have never known about munch. On Sun 01 Aug 2021 12:41:12 she made her first post as (Pass user since 2014). Prior to that she was (Pass user since 2020). The questions remain: how? and why?
Replies: >>3787 >>3811 >>3820
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Yes, she's clearly obtained it from another poster and thus violated the terms of use however "her" pass will never be revoked because she is a mod.
Replies: >>3795 >>3820
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Well. Here's the image that will break munch. We need some clear answers.
Replies: >>3796 >>3820 >>3904
Munch WILL be held accountable lole!
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we have those messages and the next day the simp's thread is stickied.  which are the odds of this? it really feels like intimidation. is she applying soviet tactics on her "loved" board? the bunkerchan raiding courses. ofc no one cares other than the discord itself of those shitty soulless "memes" (i'd call them discord avatars).  i'll just filter all, i dont want to be involved in this shitfest. maybe it's time to do a discord filter, like the old doremi filter, and to spam some spikemans.
Replies: >>3812 >>3816
no one cares about this.
this is a false lead to throw us off course 

I suspect agents of munch to be in this thread...
since munch arrived in 2020, one of the common narratives is that munch is discord and by extention, the memes  munch associated with herself (spikeman,yosho) were accused as discord. 

i suspect this was one of the schemes, perhaps from the discord, to kill certain memes and have them replaced with spikedog/mop/etc
Replies: >>3817
certainly you have noticed that munch tried to attach herself to Yuji Sakai, the most powerful namefig.  presumably she thought that by circlejerking that yuji would make munch big.  but the yujis got banned and no yuji really responded to munch (except 1, which is obviously munch)

so either munch is absolutely clueless on what makes you popular, or maybe munch is intentionally trying to associate "discord" and "Mod" with things she dislikes (yosho/spikeman/yuji) to destroy it as "discord meme"

just a theory
Replies: >>3817 >>3820
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Replies: >>3817
schizo general
aren't you banned yet?
Replies: >>3817
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1200x552)
this is too elaborated. munch has used those memes just to fit in and, probably, because she enjoyed them. most likely the discord (in reality is a network of discords) just got bored of them and in their desperation to "make s4s good again" has bet on shit artists that makes the OCs. most likely a group of talentless artists who wouldn't make it on bigger platforms. in their echo chamber they can't get that it's trash. sadly they aren't producing board culture, but discord circlejerk culture, and are trying to import that on s4s with good intentions. that's how i think it is. good intentions (mixed with bad individual intentions, at least for 4chan standards, such as personality cults), bad methods and results. sadly, the more time they spend on discord the less connected to 4chan core culture they'll be. at this time every namefig has a matching discordtag. they aren't malicious, but or they are old and think of s4s with nostalgia goggles or are newfigs who can't know better. they honestly think that are preserving something or doing the job to keep s4s good. 
many yujis are from the discord, but you can always post as yuji if you follow the unofficial rules. indeed she has her "yujis cooperator".
there is the option that this is all nana's big revenge plan. it is possible, at least for us "discord outsiders". if this is really nana's revenge plan, the fembrained posters' bans are a big psyop. if munch is the mod or affiliated, the bans are due to the CTS/grooming controversy. she may have thought to ban all gayposts to not make those things happen. 
this is my two cents.
not yet and i don't really think i'll get banned, maybe
Replies: >>3820
schizo general
Replies: >>3833
she's your sister, dude, can't you like... fix her?
so, did one of the mods do her a special favor by changing it to 2014? at the very least it'd prove someone's simping for her
or maybe she's a mode after all lole
o dang, yea there's something shady going on
I thought yuji accepted her as his imouto lole
is it just me or do 4chan discords usually suck
Replies: >>3915 >>3925
>you can always post as yuji if you follow the unofficial rules
there is no yuji rules, this is retconned in
no one says this
Replies: >>3833
[Hide] (108KB, 564x542)
there weren't, but there are now maybe. i can't tell, i'm not a yujiposter. honestly discord cabals aren't a big deal, they are only if they get mod powers. it's a combination of factors. i find amusing that newfigs now get to know [s4s] from discord or twitter. that's... internet is changing.

as always, my friend

i didn't expect this place to have newfigs. im leaving, i'll come post here if banned. bye squishies
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[s4s] is burning down to the ground.
Has anyone tried talking to cygnus in IRC? He's usually one of the least ban happy mods.
Replies: >>3850
dont they just ban you from IRC for complaining now?
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I'm putting the word out, five hundred grand for munch dead, a million alive so I can teach her some manners first
Replies: >>3927
Not only did this image get you banned it made munch so mad she yeeted heartposter's thread onto r9k.
Replies: >>3905 >>3927
Didn't get banned. I deleted it after the thread got moved because it didn't belong on /r9k/.
Replies: >>3927
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uuhhh munch is good and not evil
Replies: >>3923 >>3927
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if my irl situation is any indication hell no

i was not memeing when i said my sister is a darkweb superstar spreading irl loli

i told my mom to take her phone away forever and she lets her do what she wants on tor

yosho and spikeman were forced by discord, but i was disconnected from the group while i did it and once they located me they started calling me the loremaster
Replies: >>3916 >>3927
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Replies: >>3927
I love you Magick, you're my little churro.
Replies: >>3927
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every 4chan discord is exactly the same
Replies: >>3926 >>3927
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Dumb frog d*scord poster. lole
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Munch is not a mod but she continues to abuse her mod powers to delete posts so she can continue to necrobump her dead thread.
Replies: >>4209
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What are the political implications of munch banning your post so fast it doesn’t have a chance to show up in the archive and then range banning your cell phone carrier’s network?
Why can’t she accept my gratitude?
Replies: >>4719
>because of the short length of the ban, you may not appeal it

i bet you got one of those  2 days 23h bans, they do that on purpose so you can't appeal them since they know they're complete bullshit
Replies: >>4729
>>3160 (OP) 
is this the reason why [s4s] feels so empty now?>
Replies: >>4726
Yes, munch is a ban happy mod and she uses the same technique that politicians use: denying it while also making no attempt to hide it and hoping enough useful idiots believe her.
I've never successfully appealed a s4s ban
Replies: >>4733
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I've never successfully waited out a ban.
Replies: >>4740
[Hide] (36.7KB, 600x624)
I never tried to
Replies: >>4744
[Hide] (81.4KB, 805x885)
I actually did. It's just that they ban you for evasion even after actually waiting out your ban, so, I literally can't do it. Pretty cool.
schizo general
New theory Magick and munch are the same person
Replies: >>4854
this isn't a new theort
schizo general
New theory Magick is my little churro (and I love him)
Replies: >>4859
why does he warrant such special devotion?
Replies: >>4861
Because I love Magick (he's my little churro).
Replies: >>4862
why is he your little churro?
Replies: >>4873
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stop being nosey
Replies: >>4892
I love you Magick, you're my little churro.
Replies: >>4895
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shut up
if you really loved me you'd deposit 100 dollars in my paypal
Replies: >>4920
I love you Magick, you're my little money-grubber.
I love you Magick, I'm your little paypig.
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