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This board is only like 3 people talking to each other WTF
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>>2475 (OP) 
One more person than [s4s]
>>2475 (OP) 
I probably made more threads than anyone here but nobody replies to me :(
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your efforts are appreciated in thought
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>>2477 (dubs)
Here's a (you) for (you). Thank you for your hard work. It's hard moving to a new and unfamiliar *chan, only to be expected to come up with something to post.
>>2475 (OP) 
Give it time. Contribute. Help it be less gay.
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if you don't mind me asking how did you find this site
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you scared him away, great job admin
Someone was shilling it on/s4s or something, trying to convince people it wasn't a trap.
I thought it was a pretty kul domain. Not ascared to try alt chans, hoping one day one will rise to the former glory of the 4chun golden years.
But i dream
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I picked the domain and he bought it with his mom's credit card, so technically it's his mom's site
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Lol, based
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I only post here because MahoroAdmin posted on my stillborn *chan nefore I let the domain expire. This place is basically what I wanted my dead *chan to be like but much gayer.
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why do you call him mahoroadmin?
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He posts that Mahoromatic picture a lot. Do you have a name for him already?
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I call him retard or dumbass sometimes, what did he post on your chan?
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>>2555 (trips)
One late night when the mods were sleeping on [s4s], dipshit posted a thread asking for donations to start this place.
I posted the link to show him I already had one. He posted with that Mahoro pic to test the site and explain how to get a free SSL cert. I've had some sort of *chan of my own since high school. Eventually bought a top level domain. Reset the site a bunch of times. Never advertised it. (IE. Spamming it on other imageboards.) Decided to let it expire June 9th. Watching this site take off is nice. Can say I'm an originalfag here.  If the admin does see this, he should edit the template files to remove the extra links at the top and bottom of the page. I like how this site links straight to the board.
Also, Magick, you remind me of one of my stoner friends from hs.
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>Watching this site take off is nice
i wouldn't really say the site "took off".... i mean it's doing better than the myriad of pointless /b/ clones that keep popping up only to be shut down the very next week, but that's hardly a high bar to clear...

>to remove the extra links at the top and bottom of the page. 
when you say bottom i assume you mean the footer links, i guess i could remove them since they serve no purpose... but i don't get what you mean by top links, like the navbar account and manage links? i need those...
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Some scripts have a footer/header files. Others have template files for each page. You don't use the news rules or faq pages so might as well get rid of them. Also, on 4chan, have you ever seen the mod login link on one of the site pages? No. I used to edit them out to improve security. Just bookmark or memorize the links. That bar is annoying but the end user still might want to change the js settings. If you can get rid of the bar and make the js settings a floating link it would improve aesthetics.
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You cleaned up the links. Good job. 
People are always going to complain about your imageboard. Seldom ,if ever, are people going to compliment it
Also, you should post an ad in munch's Topkek Tribune thread for lolz.
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