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links redacted for your safety
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uh oh, the botspam has begun 
this means the site has been added on some kind of list...
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don't look at me
>>1190 (OP) 
Post ur boicpucci and maybe I'll visit
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Wonder how the admin is going to deal with this. I never promoted my (dead) chan very much out of fear of it being spammed. It was dead for a long time because of that. Eventually I had to keep banning some guy who would post "I hate Niggers" along with some generic dumbfrog or trollface pic. Free speech is nice and all but if you are going to be racist at least be original and creative about it.  Then at some point it ended up on this list. Once on there it becomes easy pickings for spammers. Between the spam, uncreative trolls, and lack of actual users I got lazy and never did anything creative with the site. Also got banned on [s4s] for a week for putting my site email in my name. Which I do understand that it is in the mods best interest to protect Hiroyuki's monopoly on imageboards and source of jewgolds. But whatever. Seeing all of the bannedfigs ghostpost made me realize some ugly truths about that board.
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i will usually delete them in the future because they're spam and clutter and the advertised sites are usually pointless /b/ clones that  have no relation to the board they're being advertised on but i just wanted to make this >>1192 comment so i didn't do it this time 

also not that it matters but i posted on your site a couple of times, im the guy that helped you with https 
small world lol
Why doesn't someone file a fake DMCA against that repo?
It has caused nothing but problems, being put on that list is a death sentence for any alt chan.
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