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god i wanna lick his thighs and beg him to teach me to do makeup and buy me a matching dress so we can be cute girls together
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>>11585 (OP) 
built like a fridge
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literally every poster on literally every altchan is a crossdresser, femboy, or trans girl, or wants to be one, and/or wants to fuck one
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stop calling them that, they're called imageboards
anyway care to provide any examples? 
the last time i checked the wider imageboard scene it was just 8chan splinter sites which are all inherently terrible and don't have any overarching culture, insular communities which vary in quality and dead sites
i fantasize about being ftm
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and you're male..?
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nothing is more feminine than a girl who wants her boobs ablated
so you're a man, but want to be a woman who's transitioned into a man?
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it helps me cope with masculinity
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girls who pretend to be boys who pretend to be girls is a long standing tradition, i don't see why you couldn't have it the other way around
you know how everybody says men make better girls than women? i think women can make better male role models than men
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i exclusively fondle my penis to trans girls and trans boys. girls make better boys than boys and boys make better girls than girls
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