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the end is so much cooler than the rest of it
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it's the other way around for me
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the plot sounds really fucking stupid
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it's obviously an anime that doesn't take itself very seriously but even then it's still kinda meh...
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I just watched the first episode and for a show with such a retarded premise it took itself way too seriously. 
I'm supposed to feel an emotional response to the hardships of characters who haven't been properly introduced yet. 
Why the fuck should I care who is leader of an organisation that I haven't seen before? 
Why do they frame it as if I'm supposed to feel tension when they're fighting to rescue a character who hasn't spoken a single line of dialogue yet?
It only had brief moments of comedy near the end and they failed to hit the mark. 
Animation was decent though.
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The first episode may have been a filter episode because the tone of the second episode is completely different and the show doesn't take itself nearly as seriously.
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you kinda aptly put into words why i don't like it that much, they kinda make out the  otaku be the equivalent of freaking jews during the holocaust come on... 
i like the character designs though so i'll keep watching for now 
which magical destroyer wud u fug?
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It’s a tough choice between blue and pink but I think I’ll have to go with blue
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