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I kinda want to have a chat with the anon who talks about Buddhism(especially on his thought about Chinese Mahayana one) on s4s,but 4chan won't let me.What a shame.
I can forward your posts to him if you write them here if you want 
will take a long time probably lole
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I have a message for him: You have a stink butt LOLE!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you kind anon.But maybe it is better to conform to the natural way of things and do not hesitate to let it happen if it was not meant to. To some extent this was also among the sayings of Buddha.
buddha says the mods do a great job
my favorite saying from the buddha is thus: "you must something to deserve the ban"
I'm someone else but I'm an anti-buddhism anon from a different 4chan board. I frequently make threads explaining why I think buddhism is, in certain cultures, probably the most harmful and destructive religion and belief system. It sickens me to see people promote it in any form. The threads usually get filled to the brim with people trying to defend buddhism but by the end they usually either concede I'm right or just repeat some dogmatic nonsense.
i've always said it, 2hu destroys live
guanyin called me fag
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